Expo features tools to plan your Bollywood-style wedding


Left, Prasanna Prabhu prepares to walk in a Bollywood wedding fashion show during the TPC Snoqualmie Ridge Indian Wedding Show and Tasting Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. Right, Punjab Sweets offers Rose Burfi, a rose flavored fudge, to participants at the TPC Snoqualmie ridge Indian Wedding Show and Tasting Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012.

Pinterest gains popularity in wedding planning

If you’ve browsed the Internet any time in the last year, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest, the latest social media craze. And brides-to-be everywhere are logging in and getting on board.

Tiffany Ellis, dress consultant and assistant wedding planner at EVENTS by September’s Bride in Holland, Michigan, has seen brides embrace this Internet trend. “We get a lot of brides into the shop who are re-creating things that they have seen on Pinterest,” notes Ellis, such as many handmade touches, unique color schemes, and dresses in different styles and colors for each bridesmaid.

The idea behind Pinterest is so simple that anyone can learn to use the site: Find images you like online and “pin” them to one of your themed collections, called “boards.” The boards allow brides to gather ideas easily in one place and create a visual of what they want their wedding to look like, Ellis says.

“A lot of brides need to see it all put together before them, and Pinterest makes it so much easier than cutting and pasting,” Ellis says.

Couple plans the perfect Halloween wedding with unique, homemade touches

Sherry L. VerWey and Ryan Sweeney’s love story didn’t begin with love at first sight. Actually, it took nearly 12 years for the two to realize what everyone else already knew. “Friends have called us the ‘Ross and Rachel’ of Highland High School, but we were the last ones to know it,” Sherry says.

The pair met in first grade, grew up only two blocks from one another in Highland, Indiana, and attended elementary school, high school and college together. It wasn’t until years after college when Sherry and Ryan reconnected online that everything finally fell into place. “We hung out a few times, friends like we had always been, but then he asked me to dinner,” Sherry recalls. “It wasn’t until midway through the week that I panicked, thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, is this a date?’”

It was, and a week after their first date, a kiss sealed the deal. “When he finally kissed me, a kiss that had been building up for nearly twelve years, we both knew that this was more than just a date,” Sherry says.

A Faire Proposal

A self-proclaimed “nerd,” Sherry has attended the Bristol Renaissance Faire, held in Kenosha, Wisconsin, since she was 13 years old. On one trip to the fair with a small group of friends, it was “business as usual: comedy shows, pub crawls, joust,” Sherry says, “but at the end of the day Ryan was acting strangely.”

When Ryan wandered off with his camera and the fair began to close, Sherry set off to find him. As a security guard tried to direct them toward the entrance, Ryan dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring. “The security guard said, ‘Quick—your camera,’ and he took pictures of the whole thing,” Sherry says. 

“It’s a perfect story for a perfect day, and we have a great picture to remember it by,” Ryan adds.

Handmaking a Halloween Wedding

When it came to wedding planning, the theme and date, Saturday, October 29, were an easy choice for the couple. “Ryan and I both love Halloween,” Sherry says. “We would usually host Halloween parties for all our friends, so what better than the party of the year on our favorite holiday?”

Sherry decided to create many of her own décor elements and invitations. As sole proprietor of Gypsysoul Creations, Sherry is no stranger to handmade creations. She offers special occasion calligraphy and revamps envelopes and invitations, plus sells her hand knit and woven scarves and shawls.

Over the course of a year of planning and creation, Sherry crafted a Halloween tree of lit willow branches painted black with hand cross-stitched, beaded Halloween characters for decorations, made with the help of her best friend; and a gallery of family and friends’ wedding photos and childhood photos of the couple set in vintage frames bought from resale shops. Sherry also revamped her printed invitations with calligraphy and Halloween embellishments.

No Reason to Worry

With a year of planning and crafting behind her, Sherry and her bridesmaids began the morning of the wedding with hair and makeup at Salon Sage in Highland, then headed to a hotel to dress.

With the fullness of the skirt and all the laces, all hands were on deck to help Sherry into her dress. “It took several bridesmaids to get me in that dress,” Sherry laughs. She had tried on more than fifty dresses before finding “the one,” an Oleg Cassini dress unlike anything she was looking for. While the dress was much more modern than Sherry’s fairy tale vision, “It was perfect!” Sherry gushes. “I fell in love.”

The bridesmaids dressed in black and white polka-dot dresses they had each selected and accessorized with orange accents and shoes. Staying with the coordinated but not “matchy-matchy” look, each bridesmaid carried a unique bouquet featuring fresh and felt flowers, charms made by Sherry and Halloween ribbons.

While the girls pampered and prettied themselves, Ryan and his best man prepared at his parents’ house. “I was nervous writing my vows that morning, but after that, I was calm,” Ryan recalls. “Everything felt right, and I knew I had no reason to worry about any of it.”

An Emotional Reveal

Because the couple wanted outdoor photos and knew they would be working with limited daylight on a fall day, they chose to do an outdoor reveal. “We knew that it would be emotional seeing each other for the first time that day and we wanted to make it special,” Sherry says. “I remembered reading that the Carmelite Monastery in Munster had beautiful grounds and a cave. Keeping with the Halloween theme, we figured it would be perfect.”

The reveal was an emotional moment for the couple. “I cried,” Ryan admits. “There are thankfully no obvious pictures of it. She looked absolutely amazing.” Ryan continues, “I remember turning to my best man, Brian, and telling him, ‘Well, that’s it. There’s nothing that can go wrong today that will ruin it for me.’”

A Touching Ceremony

Their ceremony took place at the Towle Theater in Hammond, where the theater’s youth ensemble had recently completed a run of Anne of Green Gables, which meant the stage was already decorated with real branches, hanging aged window panes, and a large tree trunk that extended floor to ceiling. Tasha Raylene, owner of Virtuous Events and the couple’s wedding coordinator, hung votives from the ceiling to set the mood. “We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful space,” Sherry says.

The couple’s very personal ceremony was officiated by Ryan and Sherry’s friend Theodore Laich, a nondenominational minister. “His words were so touching, and the ceremony was incredibly special with him presiding over our vows,” Sherry says.

Ryan, who had been nervous about reading his vows (the couple wrote their own), was calmed by the intimacy of the setting. “We had such a small group attending and I was so close with all of them that I wasn’t worried about getting up in front of them on stage for the ceremony,” Ryan explains. 

‘Halloween Gypsy Caravan’ Reception

After the ceremony, the newly married couple and their guests enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres, a buffet of heavy appetizers, served at stations set throughout the reception space at the theater, and wine, craft beers and a few special beers home-brewed by the couple’s friend, Greg Miller.

In lieu of assigned seating, the couple opted for vignettes of couches, chairs, and coffee and highboy tables, along with a few traditionally set tables. “Anytime that we had a party, we would always mingle in the kitchen around the food, so we wanted to re-create this atmosphere at the wedding,” Sherry says.

“The whole atmosphere had a Halloween Gypsy Caravan feel, with nothing matchy-matchy, which I hate, and everything just blending into one another.” Sherry’s two favorite décor elements? “I loved the jack-o-lanterns everywhere, which we made at two pumpkin carving parties at my in-laws’ house,” Sherry says, “and the gorgeous Halloween wall that was lit by Virtuous Events really pulled all the elements together.”

Reflecting on their wedding day, the couple agrees: “It was everything we hoped for and more than we could have imagined!”

Happily Ever After

Sherry and Ryan both work in social service positions in Northwest Indiana. The Sweeneys now live happily ever after in Hobart, with their cat Rhiannon and dogs Molly and Demus.


Wedding bells to wake up tired Fearne Cotton she reveals plans to marry …

Mail On Sunday Reporter

20:20 EST, 15 September 2012


20:20 EST, 15 September 2012

There’s more happy news for Fearne Cotton. After announcing last month that she is expecting her first child, I can now reveal that the Radio 1 DJ and boyfriend Jesse Wood are planning to marry.

‘We are definitely going to walk down the aisle,’ said guitarist Jesse, the son of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, at a showcase for Fearne’s fashion collection for very.co.uk.

‘We just haven’t decided when. We are living together and I am so excited about the baby.’

Fearne Cotton

Jesse Wood

Wedding bells: Fearne Cotton revealed that she and Jesse Wood plan to marry

Jesse, 35, who already has two children by former wife Tilly Boone, has previously dated Kate Moss and designer Jasmine Guinness.

Meanwhile, I hear that pregnancy is taking its toll on Fearne, left, who hosts a weekday show on Radio 1 from 10am.

‘She is struggling with severe tiredness,’ says  an insider. ‘She’s sleeping for 11 or 12 hours a night but she’s still out of sorts in the mornings.’

Sadie Frost is tipping pal Nick Grimshaw to be a huge success as Chris Moyles’s replacement on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show.

‘He is a fun person and the right person for the job because he is effortless,’ said Sadie, 48, at the Disaronno Film Series at Hackney Picturehouse in East London.

But the early starts means that 28-year-old Grimshaw, who  hosts his first show tomorrow,  is likely to see less of Sadie – the pair are both leading members  of the party-loving Primrose Hill Set in North London.

Texan supermodel Jerry Hall is giving up her 30-year smoking habit in an effort to win Strictly Come Dancing.

Mother-of-four Jerry, 56, made her first appearance on the popular BBC show last night and a pal says: ‘She really wants to test herself to see if she can give up.

‘While she thinks it might be difficult she’s going to give it her best shot.’

Flipping Out Review: From Interior Design to Wedding Planning

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This week’s episode of Flipping Out has Jeff Lewis, as Jenni’s “main gay,” swap his interior design hat for a wedding planning one. In the interest of full disclosure, I must let my feelings for Jeff’s design and Jeff himself be known. As far as design, I love every house he does. I think he has a great talent for working with spaces and clean lines that promote modern living. I don’t think his design style has a lot of breadth, but it does have a lot of depth . . . in other words, if someone wanted to remodel their home French Country, I’m sure Jeff would slap them across the face and stomp out of the room without ever looking back (for good reason . . . who does French Country these days?) but if you want modern and you have beaucoup bucks, Jeff is your guy. Jeff as a person – witty, abrasive, often insensitive, driven, truthful, and lacking some degree of self-awareness. It’s this hodge-podge of personality traits coupled with a keen design sense that’s kept Flipping Out on television for the past five seasons.

Jenni, Jeff’s trusty Executive Assistant, is getting married to her perfect Greek match, Jonathan Nassos! She is planning her princess wedding (I cringe when grown women want to be “princesses” on their wedding day . . . how old are we? Do you also want to live in Barbie’s Dream House?) in Chicago and asks Jeff to come along to help her with design decisions. It’s a safe bet to say that Jeff and Jenni have some major differences regardng the direction her wedding. Jeff thinks Jenni is batsh*t crazy for spending so much money on a wedding and Jenni is enamored at anything and everything, including waterwalls, 650-person ball rooms, and lamb balls that her wedding planner, Craig, can whip together (a “wedding gangbang” as Jeff puts it). I worry that Jenni doesn’t have the ability to step back and assess what is an over the top complete waste of funds. But, that’s what she brought Jeff in to help her with and “help” her he does. Jeff has an opinion on everything including why on earth she would want a giant-sized ballroom to hold a relatively small number of guests (WRONG), why she wants to invite everyone from the wedding to the rehearsal dinner (WRONG), why she would want reception tables inundated with flowers, candles, plates, glasses, favors, etc., and lastly, why she would choose dry crab cakes as part of the wedding menu. Jeff voices his displeasure on her choices in his typical insensitive way and calls her an out of control train wreck. Of course, he could’ve been a little kinder and gentler in his delivery but Jenni knows that while Jeff can be crass and insensitive, he is trying to keep her best interests at heart and his opinions don’t come from a bad place. He confirms this by saying he genuinely wants her to have the best wedding day possible . . . and makes no jokes before or after that statement.

Is Andrew annoying or is it just me? He seems like such a nervous personality and knowing that he needs a full time job to receive his trust fund when he is 45 doesn’t make me really like him any, for some reason. I’ll be interested in checking out next week’s episode because judging from the preview, Jeff unleashes on him for something the nervous nelly does.

While Jeff is with Jenni and Andrew in Chicago, Gage and Zoila are holding down the fort at Jeff Lewis Designs. Gage continues to hack away at Gramercy, trying to get the house completed so he and Jeff can move in and start their lives as planned. Zoila continues to “supervise” Lupe who seems to do most of the housework these days. Over the years, I’ve had a special place in my heart for Zoils . . . but over the past couple seasons, I’ve gotten slightly annoyed at times. She’s gotten more sassy (which, you need to some extent to deal with Jeff, I concede) but less productive as well . . . no wonder Gage and Jeff are constantly reminding her what a superstar Lupe is. Maybe that will ignite a little flame under Zoila. . .or maybe the telanovellas will continue to win out. At any rate, the season previews from last week hint that Jeff is starting to get seriously frustrated with Zoila and considers firing her. We will see if that ends up happening (I doubt it because she is like the mom he never had in many ways and even Jeff is beholden to a certain degree of sentimentality and loyalty).

Next week’s show promises us some drama and tears with Andrew and lots of yelling from Jeff. Ahhh – the Flipping Out I know and love.

Season 6, Episode 2: Showdown in Chi-Town (originaly aired September 11, 2012)

Flipping Out airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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Wedding planning for men – buy suit and organise DJ

Spinning plates. Herding cats. Juggling while riding a bicycle. All three are tricky tasks. But none is more difficult than planning your own wedding.

For almost a year, my partner and I have lived in a state of anxiety. At first, it was of the fleeting variety. Occasionally you would stop dead in your tracks and be filled with dread. A laundry list of 1,000 things to do would flood the brain. Church, reception, flowers, rings, suits. It keeps coming.

“Ach, it’s months away,” you muse out loud, probably trying to convince yourself as much as anyone else. “No need to panic.”

Fast forward to a month before the wedding and anxiety status has been ratcheted up to “perpetual”. Oddly, that list still seems as long as your arm, despite a sizeable wedding debt accrued and rooms full of marriage paraphernalia. Painting the Forth Bridge is starting to look like a minor Sunday afternoon chore by comparison.

Wedding planning is unlike organising any other event. Seldom do you have to ensure everything is just so while also being the main attraction. The stage manager and the headline act. In a way, you’re Bob Geldof, marshalling goods, services and egos to be in one place at one time while also strapping on a guitar to belt the hits.

Mercifully, unlike the actual Live Aid, Phil Collins will not be hopping on Concorde to play drums in the afternoon in New York. It was an option, but far too expensive. And I’m telling you now – wedding cakes don’t come cheap.

Another problem is that it will never quite be as good as someone else’s wedding. Or so you fear. It will be great, of course, but the seeds of doubt are sown by others. Our budget is modest, but there are a few nods to extravagance. A vintage Rolls Royce too and from the ceremony. Why not? Yet you hear whispers of other weddings that seem to have been under-written by Donald Trump. Fireworks, 15th century Italian castles and dancing white horses. The Cold War has nothing on the wedding arms race. By the same token, weddings in my parents’ generation were much more austere. The local chapel followed by the town hall, and maybe a shared key of ale. No five-star hotels or sweet tables to rival Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. So you’re left with a feeling of ennui, with both envy and guilt gnawing away at your soul. Only a wedding, it seems, can do that.

Never will you have to adopt more personalities, making a wedding a thrilling prospect for an actor. The problem is most people are not very good actors. You need to be a diplomat, having the wherewithal not to make the wedding equivalent of a curtsey when a firm, pumping handshake was required. I’m thinking chiefly of who to invite, a political conundrum as messy as a Cabinet reshuffle, and then where to seat them – a joyous task to be left to the last possible moment. Speeches require you to be a bon viveur and wit, photographs expect you to be a catalogue model and friends and family – variously – want the angelic son, embarrassing teenager and boisterous co-worker. Exhausting.

Aside from the wedding, nothing else matters. Every penny of spare cash dumped into a seemingly bottomless pit, and any culinary largesse beyond sharing a tin of baked beans is frowned upon as if Marie Antoinette indulgence. Sadly, thanks to the Tour de France and Olympic triumphs, I have been bitten by the cycling bug. Now is not the time, though, to broach the prospect of buying a £1,000 hybrid bicycle and ill-fitting Lyra.

I bemoan all this as if I’m orchestrating the thing. Far from it. To say I am the equivalent of a plumber’s mate – standing blankly holding a monkey wrench while the real professional works furiously beneath the sink – would probably be over-playing my part. I’ve been entrusted with finding a disco DJ and my own suit. My already betrothed male friends tell me this is as traditional as hurling confetti at the church, a reflection of how incompetent men are rightly considered. My partner has done 99.9% of the heavy lifting. A bulging, elastic band-bound folder she carries around everywhere testament to the Herculean task. It underlines why she is brilliant, and why this series of minor gripes won’t matter a jot in less than a month’s time.

Bridal bus tour to take wedding planning to the streets

RENO, Nev. — An unique traveling bridal vendor showcase will soon offer brides-to-be in the Reno-Tahoe area a stress-free and celebratory introduction to local wedding professionals.

Designed to be an alternative to endless Internet searches or aimless wandering among booths at bridal fairs, The Marriage Carriage hits the road from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30.

Brides and their guests will be transported by comfortable coach to several tour stops where they can experience event venues in-person and meet in a relaxed setting with wedding vendors, including wedding planners, photographers, florists, invitation designers, DJs, caterers, cake makers and more. Participants will be treated to continental breakfast with mimosas and specialty coffees, lunch, cake samples and wine tasting.

Raffle prizes and exclusive discounts will also be offered, including two all-day ski lift tickets for Mt. Rose Ski Resort.

“Our goal is to showcase local wedding resources and to have a lot of fun while doing so,” said Carolyn Vaught, one of the organizers of The Marriage Carriage and owner of All About Honeymoons, a honeymoon and travel company. “Brides will have the opportunity to talk with vendors, sample their work and tour venues for themselves, all while being pampered and driven around by our team.”

Registration begins at 8 a.m. at The Grove at Southcreek, with planned stops including Tannenbaum, Winters Creek Lodge, The Victorian House, Alfred Angelo and Michael Sons.

Tickets purchased on or before Sept. 25 will be $25 per person. To purchase tickets and view a complete list of participating vendors, visit www.marriagecarriagereno.com.

Manish Malhotra on Kareena’s wedding dress

After Sharmila Tagore, Manish Malhotra has spilled the beans regarding Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s wedding.

The fashion designer, who has confirmed that he is designing the actress’ attire, says he will stick to the bride’s simple, yet elegant taste.

Asked if he is designing Kareena’s wedding dress, Manish confirmed it, saying: “That’s right! You ask her the details. But yes, it’s mid-October, everyone knows this now.”

“There is a very small function which is (with) family and friends. Then there is a reception in Delhi, so (I am designing) for both the occasions,” the 47-year-old said here Friday.

Saif’s mother, veteran actress Sharmila has so far maintained that the D-day is Oct 16. However, neither Saif nor Kareena, have confirmed it.

Malhotra says the preparations are on in full swing, and Kareena wants to keep it simple.

“Kareena, always as an actor and as a personality, never likes too much of embroidery and jewellery. She is beautiful and she is very aware of that.

“I don’t think there would be too much of embroidery or shine, it’s going to be more old world charm…lots of nice fabric, but not too much,” he added.

Saif and Kareena have been dating each other since 2007.