Dave Haywood Loves Wedding Planning

Dave Haywood Loves Wedding Planning | Dave Haywood

Dave Haywood and Kelli Cashiola

Courtesy Dave Haywood

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood.

“We will be married this year,” Haywood told PEOPLE before performing at the Oreo Cookies 100th birthday celebration in Los Angeles last week. What’s more, he adds: “I enjoy the wedding planning and setting up where everything is going to be.”

Haywood, 29, popped the question to girlfriend Kelli Cashiola, 29, a VP of Marketing/Brand Management for Warner Music Nashville, this past December with an elaborate winter-wonderland proposal.

Haywood will be the third and final member of Lady Antebellum to tie the knot, closely following band mate Hillary Scott’s surprise January wedding to the band’s drummer Chris Tyrrell.

“[Dave and I] were having a conversation the other day about learning that you have someone to lean on and you can divvy up responsibilities,” said band mate Charles Kelley, who married longtime girlfriend Cassie McConnell in 2009.

“I think being in the band really helped prepare all of us for [marriage] because we all have roles that we fall in to naturally,” Scott added.

But just because his fellow Lady Antebellum members have more marital experience does not mean Haywood is going to blindly follow their leads.

Joked the groom-to-be: “I’m not taking their advice.”

2 People 1 Life – Costa Rica Wedding

As always we had left things like flowers and getting ready until the last minute. When will we learn? We rushed around looking for hair styling products (due to us both suffering terribly from bad hair months) and a florist an hour before we were due to arrive at El Avion for our 17th wedding.

We found the florists and luckily the lady was both helpful and fast and she whipped us up a small bouquet and a buttonhole in no time at all. With a pot of beautifully marketed ‘Gorilla snot’ hair wax and a bunch of Anthuriums we ran back to Peggy and hot footed it to El Avion. We parked outside and with 20 minutes to spare we got ready for the wedding. We snotted up our hair, pulled on our (thankfully ironed in Alex’s case) clothes and I put a bit of make up on and we were ready to go. Adrenalin coursed through our veins as we ran to the crashed Fairchild C-123 and the usual nerves kicked in. My palms started to sweat and shake and Alex gets this nervous look on his face that is just so sweet! We met our photographers for the day…yes you read right…PhotographerS! It may seem we are getting a little greedy but it was a real treat to have 2 fantastic photographers along to shoot our 17th unusual wedding! Kevin Heslin is one of the foremost wedding and travel photographers in the Manuel Antonio area. He is a genius with lighting and as we arrived he was rigging up some serious kit to capture the correct light within the dark hub of the aircraft.

Christina Craft was also spending the day with us, she is currently ranked 8th in the world with the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and we were thrilled to have her along to take some images for us after the sun had gone down!

We had met the night before to discuss ideas and plans so we were excited to see the images before they had even been taken.

Isabella our wedding planner from Costa Verde Hotel was there to greet us too and before we got too nervous our officiate arrived. Kezirah was great fun and put us at ease straight away and had us laughing and joking all the way through the ceremony.She started by welcoming us to Costa Rica…

“Before we begin, I want to let you know how delighted I am that you have chosen my beautiful country for this most special ceremony and I sincerely hope that the beauty, warmth and peace of this land remains with you long afterwards and throughout your marriage”

We didn’t even notice Kevin or Christina as they must have ran around the aeroplane taking snaps of us grinning at each other like lunatics!

I loved that Kezirah talked of the very reason we are doing this trip, the reason being to embrace the one culture and tradition that the whole world shares…marriage.

“…your ceremony today marks a new beginning for you – but also the continuation of humankind’s most honored and celebrated ceremony. Since the dawn of civilization, people have fallen in love and married. Though the customs and words have differed from age to age, land to land, they all spoke the language of love. Love, the most noble of emotions, the state every human strives for..”

The whole ceremony was beautiful, we couldn’t stop smiling and I could smell the rose petals scattered around our feet, the coloured lights inside the aircraft created a strange scene all around us and the whole thing was surreally perfect.
We kissed to seal the deal and were immediately handed flutes of champagne to toast our 17th marriage!

Once we had finished giggling we had some more pictures taken in the aircraft and then went over the the Costa Verde hotel for the best sunset views in Manuel Antonio. The sky was perfect, moody clouds gathered and coloured the sky while the sun turned into a fiery ball of orange and slipped behind the horizon. A few guests from the hotel threw some petals for a confetti shot as the sky turned a dark indigo and the stars started to twinkle above us. The view from the poolside at Costa Verde was just breathtaking and we had to tear ourselves away to head over to the bat cave for our ‘reception’ drinks.

The bat cave is a great little bar which is actually a cave! To get in you have to practically crawl through the spooky little arched door and once inside the colourful lights cast an eerie glow and I saw Christina’s eyes light up when we arrived. Christina loves to take and is fantastic at night time shots. When the twinkling lights come out, the chandeliers sparkle and when your faces are all aglow with dancing, drinking and merriement Christina catches it all. Small globe lamps were strung from the cieling, mirrors reflected colours, dull whisps of light and the top shelf opened a whole world of kaliedoscpoic options for Christina. We propped ourselves up at the end of the bar and made each other laugh while Christina did her thing. We barely noticed she was there we were so wrapped up in each other. We ordered drinks the second the bar opened and cameras away we settled into our gin and tonics, beers and cocktails and laughed the night away.

We had such a wonderful day as you can see from the amazing images. We have made some great new friends, spent time in one of the worlds most beautiful countries and had a fantastic wedding ceremony in an old crashed plane shrouded in mystery and legend! Only in Costa Rica!

Trouble and strife to be!


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Mathura Village Witnesses Wedding Inside A Hot Air Balloon, Groom Descended In …

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Mathura, Mach 11 : It was a wedding to be remembered by residents of a dusty village near Mathura for years to come.
Forget lavish theme wedding parties in seven-star urban hotels. The groom and the bride decided to exchange garlands in a hot air balloon.
On Saturday, Rajaram Pandey’s son Pawan, the groom, descended on the tiny hamlet of Bhadawal near Mathura in a helicopter, to fulfil, what he called “the last wishes of my dadaji (grandpa)”.
The couple then proceeded to a hot air balloon, rose up in the air and exchanged garlands in the traditional style, amidst deafening applause and music.
People from nearby villages descended in droves to witness this “on air” wedding.
The wedding reflected the rising aspirations of  the rural rich living in the countryside,that is Bharat, to match with the rich, fat urban weddings in the matter of ostentation. That too, at a time, when large swathes of rural India  are witnessing farmers neck  deep in debts. 

‘Black Love’ Wedding Announcements (PHOTOS)

“Black Love” Wedding Announcements:

Getting married? Celebrating a wedding anniversary? If so, share your love with us, here at BlackVoices, and get featured on the site!

We’ve also teamed up with Munaluchi Bridal, the leading authority of bridal inspiration for women of color, to showcase the love and wedding celebrations from some of these amazing couples.

Enjoy and spread the love!


Jocelyn J. Delk and Frederick L. Adams were married on October 28, 2011.

The bride, 30, is an event producer and the bridegroom, 32, is a webmaster and production manager. They reside in Chicago, Illinois.

The couple met while working together at one of the largest African American video oral history archives and became fast friends. After a few years they decided to pursue a relationship, which strengthen through many ups and downs–including Frederick’s kidney transplant.

The couple on their bright future:

“We look forward to starting a family in the next couple of years and collaborating on a creative business venture to capitalize on our equal love of film and television production. We love working together and brainstorming ideas and hope to turn it into a family business venture one day.”

Boris Kodjoe On Giving Back To The Community And Dressing For Success

The Week’s Best Style Moments: Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keys, Cassie And More (PHOTOS)

Eddie Murphy’s ‘Thousand Words’ Should Shut Up: Review

Stevie Wonder’s Music Revamped For SFJAZZ Collective Tour

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Meet the wedding planners

Celebrity weddings are all about grandeur, showbiz and of course, privacy. And while you talk about how great the venue looks, and how lavish the affair appears to be, the ‘My, my!’ and ‘Wow’ are reserved for designers who put in extra effort to make the star’s big day a grand affair.


Riteish Deshmukh-Genelia D’Souza wedding, a five-day affair, was made possible by wedding designers Neelabh and Aditi Kapoor of Studio Neelabh. “We have a team of experienced individuals who focus on planning and designing,” says Aditi. Apart from the Deshmukhs, the duo has put together the set decor for several industrialists’ wedding ceremonies.

According to Anway Bhoite, creative head, Dreamzkraft, that designed the nuptial dos for Mahesh Bhupati and Lara Dutta’s wedding, the most important thing a designer must keep in mind is the level of understanding: “Your client and you have to be on the same page. When Lara came to us, she was clear she wanted a Victorian theme while Neelam Kothari wanted a traditional yet contemporary wedding.”

How long it takes
According to Anway, it takes at least five-six weeks to plan the décor alone. “If there’s intricate work involved, it takes much longer,” he says.


Aditi, however, designed  Riteish and Genelia’s wedding within a month’s time because it was planned pretty suddenly: “It was like blitzkrieg! We didn’t have time to spare. We had a tight deadline and we completed everything in a month. Riteish, being an architect, was involved deeply with all the preparations.”

The procedure of planning, they both agree, starts with the venue’s blueprint.

Security demands
Understandably, stars are highly particular about keeping their weddings a private affair. “They make sure the guest list is tight and no one enters the venue without identity proof,” says Aditi. “Even we can’t enter the location just like that.” Anway agrees, adding, “Along with appointing security officials, even we have to be careful.”

What it costs
Aditi reveals, “They don’t usually cost more than Rs 2 crore. Industrialist weddings go up to even Rs 25 crore.” Anway adds, “The interiors cost a minimum of Rs 10 lakh, while an outdoor set-up goes up to Rs 20 lakh.”

Gay teacher fired over wedding is married in New York

NEW YORK • A gay teacher fired from a Roman Catholic school outside St. Louis after church officials learned he was planning to get married has tied the knot in a ceremony in New York.

Al Fischer lost his job in February after telling co-workers about his plans to wed his partner of 20 years. He had been a music teacher at the St. Ann Catholic School in Normandy.

The New York Times reported that Fischer and his partner, Charlie Robin, were married Friday in a ceremony in front of a fountain in Central Park in Manhattan.

Robin, executive director of Washington University’s Edison Theatre, told the Post-Dispatch after Fischer’s firing that the couple’s relationship was in no way a secret at St. Ann and that Fischer was fired after a representative of the St. Louis Archdiocese overheard him talking to co-workers about the wedding. Fischer was also later fired as a music director at St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Catholic Church in Florissant.

New York legalized same-sex marriage last year. Missouri still doesn’t allow it.

The archdiocese said Friday that Fischer was publicly demonstrating a life inconsistent with Catholic teaching.

The pastor of St. Ann’s school had stated previously that Fischer was fired for violating the Christian Witness Statement that Catholic educators in the Archdiocese sign.

The statement says all who serve in Catholic education should, among other requirements, “not take a public position contrary to the Catholic Church” and “demonstrate a public life consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

JWeekly.com Selects a Local San Francisco Wedding Photographer, Wendy K. Yalom …

JWeekly.com readers choose the best San Francisco wedding photographer, picking the local bay area’s Wendy K. Yalom for their “Readers-Choice” competition. Results are being celebrated by all.

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) March 10, 2012

Jweekly.com is proud to have selected Wendy K. Yalom as its 2011 Readers-Choice selection as the best San Francisco wedding photographer. Photographs are a way to tell a story, and capture the narrative of an event. The best photographers capture and magnify that essence, bringing it to live, for years to come.

The San Francisco Wedding Photography winner, Wendy K. Yalom, said “I’m surrounded by beautiful experiences,” she says. “I love people and I love being connected with them.”

Wendy K. Yalom, in addition to winning the Readers-Choice award, has also been featured in Modern Bride, San Francisco Magazine, 7×7 and Yoga Journal. She’s passionate about photography, as well as an avid practitioner and teacher of Yoga. Wendy says, “I’m often moved to tears by the beauty of love and life and I’m delighted to capture people in their best moments”.

A client of Wendy’s had this to say, “Wendy take amazing pictures. But more importantly she exudes energy, love and pure sunshinery goodness. That’s what I wanted around me on my Wedding Day. I’m so excited she was chosen as the best San Francisco, Northern California, and Bay Area Wedding Photographer.”

Jweekly is a weekly news publication serving Northern California owned by the Jewish News Weekly. Its mission is:

1. To connect, enlighten and strengthen the multi-faceted Jewish community of Northern California.

2. To be a forum for news, information, ideas and opinions affecting Jews locally, nationally and internationally.

3. To enrich the cultural, religious and social life of the community through articles, interviews, reviews and features.

You can find out more about Wendy K. Yalom, the Readers-Choice selection for best photographer at wendykyalom.com Jweekly is on the web at jweekly.com.

For the original version on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb2012/3/prweb9260346.htm

Bride and joy … Cheyenne, 16, at her big fat gypsy wedding

Kylie, an eight-year-old bridesmaid, has burnt herself badly on a sunbed and
the best man has thrown a strop over having to wear a pink suit.

As I wipe away Kylie’s tears, another bridesmaid asks me if I can help her
put on her diamante-tipped fake eyelashes while her friend wails that her
fake tan has turned her too orange and she’s going to clash with her baby
pink bridesmaid frock.

In among the frenzy of fake eyelashes, fake tan and total madness of ten
bridesmaids trying to get ready at the same time sits bride Cheyenne

And considering she is only 16, she is remarkably calm.

She hit the headlines when she was shown being “grabbed” by fellow traveller
John McFadyen, 17, at another wedding last year in the C4 show Big Fat Gypsy

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Viewers were shocked when Cheyenne, then just 15, was dragged to the dark
corner of a car park where John tried to kiss her.

But it worked and within weeks the couple were engaged. Now it’s the big
day and what a day.

A white stretch Hummer has been ordered for the bridesmaids but there isn’t
going to be room in there for Cheyenne in her big fat wedding dress. So
she’s due to travel to church in a white Rolls-Royce.

She designed her own wedding dress, which features a huge Victorian-style
skirt hoop and three petticoats. The see-through bodice is decorated with
Swarovski crystals, as are the hearts on the billowing skirt.

As she proudly shows off the show-stopping dress, Cheyenne tells me how she
turned down an offer from Thelma Madine, the top gypsy wedding gown maker.

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

She says: “She called me after she heard I was engaged but I was like, ‘No
thanks!’ I hate her dresses, they’re too sticky-outie.

“So I designed my own and two little old local ladies made it all in a shed in
their garden.” Cheyenne says she is “high maintenance” and that any man
would have to keep her in the style she is accustomed to.

She wanted a white and pink theme for the wedding which is where the best
man trouble comes in. He is still refusing to wear the pink suit.

She says: “He doesn’t like suits and he certainly didn’t want a pink one. But
now he’s only got to wear a pink waistcoat, so he’s agreed.”

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Four hairdressers and a make-up artist are battling to get all the girls ready
in time. Even the two-year-old and five-year-old bridesmaids are getting
made up with mascara, lip gloss and loads of glitter.

Baby Doll, five, is busy practising her best Katie Price pose, telling me: “I
love her. I want to be her when I grow up.”

Cheyenne also designed the bridesmaids’ dresses a pretty tutu style for the
younger ones and sexy tight-fitting fish-tailed ones for the older girls.
All of it is accessorised with enough bling to make you wish you’d brought
along a pair of sunglasses.

A huge crowd gathers outside her home and there are at least 1,000 people
waiting to see Cheyenne arrive at St Peter’s Church in Hersham, Surrey.
Cheyenne starts to panic. She says: “I’m not a royal bride, this is crazy.”

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Her mum Julie died last year of cancer. Cheyenne is feeling her loss keenly
today and there will be collection buckets at the church in aid of the Royal
Marsden hospital where Julie was treated.

Dad Colin, who has been left to bring up six girls, is trying his best to give
Cheyenne the best big day, which mainly means footing the massive bill.

He tells me: “I’ve got five more of these to go. I think I’m going to have
heart attack!”

It’s time to get Cheyenne in her huge dress.

Two of her friends and I battle to get the hoop in place avoiding her double
diamante belly button piercing. Asked if she’s got something borrowed,
something blue and something old, she says: “Only something old my

“I haven’t brought any sexy new ones, so John’s out of luck.”

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

We struggle to get the super-tight bodice on as Cheyenne shrieks: “I’m going
to faint, I’m going to faint.”

All ready, we are about to go outside when we hit another problem Cheyenne’s
massive dress won’t fit through the front door.

As I push, someone else pulls and finally she pops through.

Outside, we find a livid Colin shouting into the phone: “You don’t know who
you’re dealing with. You’d better have a car here in five minutes.”

It turns out that the Rolls-Royce has been in a smash-up and hasn’t arrived.
Cheyenne bursts into tears.

We wait for over an hour a nervous John paces around at the church while his
mates joke that he has been stood up. I spend my time poking around
underneath Cheyenne’s huge dress trying to get the hoop in the right place
while she wails: “Its all going wrong.”

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Finally, Cheyenne arrives at the church in a replacement Rolls-Royce to find
herself in the middle of a paparazzi frenzy and to cheers from the huge

Inside, the congregation consists of women in thigh-split glittering gowns,
skin-tight miniskirts and sky-high stilettos.

One woman called Barbara is wearing a blinged up electronic tag on her ankle
which she tells me “is just an ankle chain”.

Josie who found fame with hubby Swanley on TV has managed to have her tag
removed for the day. It was put on after she was convicted of assaulting a
woman at another wedding.

The blokes in the congregation look like they are wearing their best probation
suits or they have dressed down in tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

At the service the Rev Jonathan Andrew reveals: “The preparations for Cheyenne
and John’s wedding have certainly been interesting!” The congregation cheer
as he adds that John and Cheyenne are by far the youngest couple he has ever
married but he has “no doubt that their marriage will be a success. They
are clearly in love.”

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

John gives Cheyenne a snog and it is on to the serious part of the proceedings
the reception at a nearby social club.

It is decorated in pink and white, with fake diamonds showered over the
tables. The centrepiece is a massive cake featuring sweeping staircases and
three lit-up fountains.

There is a free bar and lobster at the buffet. Cheyenne grabs a bottle of blue
WKD and starts dancing.

I am challenged to a dance-off by eight-year-old Kylie, who has recovered from
her sunburn, her six-year-old friend and two-year-old Dolly, another

The girls bust moves better than Rihanna and burst out laughing at my feeble
efforts. As Eminem blasts out of the speakers, Kylie tells me: “You gorgas (non-
don’t know how to dance!” Josie has dumped their baby on
Swanley and has changed into her evening outfit, an eye-popping tiny bra and
see-through leggings.

Mayor John Sheldon pops in with his wife Mary and is soon dancing away happily
on the floor with Cheyenne and Josie.

Mary says she thinks the wedding is “absolutely spectacular totally

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Apart from the bride and groom’s first dance, the music at the reception is
hip-hop and rap. The kids even the toddlers seem to know every word of
the songs.

I dance with Cheyenne, who tells me the wedding was “exactly everything I

Married life for her now means settling down in a chalet in the back garden of
her dad’s house, where she will happily spend her life cooking and cleaning
while John goes out to work. Normally, if I had attended a wedding between a
16 and 17-year-old, I would leave feeling depressed and sure that their
marriage would not last.

But with John and Cheyenne I feel there is real hope travellers hold
marriage dear and divorce is rare.

As for the wedding itself, as a huge fan of the Channel 4 series, I was
worried that the real thing would be a let-down. Instead, it was madder than
I could ever have expected and so much fun.

Forget the arguments over seating plans and guest lists that we gorgas
normally have just have a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding instead.

Cheyenne and John’s big day will feature on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings on
Channel 4 on March 27.

Dunleith Designs Offers Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Bridal Season

Metairie, LA, March 11, 2012 –(PR.com)– Dunleith Designs has just released a new line of fine antiques in time for the upcoming bridal season. Wedding gifts typically involve household items, to prepare the newlywed couple for their lives together in a new home. Dunleith Designs sells fine American, English and French Antiques from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. They are located in a 3000 sq. foot Louisiana shop and sell their collection online.

Purchasing fine, antique furniture is a great gift idea for the upcoming bridal season that will be well-received by any couple, whether they are fashion-forward or longing for the “good old days.” Dunleith Designs has recently added new products to their inventory including a rare, Dr. Worchester bowl, bread and butter knives, and a black diamond champagne flute.

Dunleith Designs will be launching their wedding registry within the next couple of months. This will provide couples with the opportunity to request the furniture and accessories that they will need for their new home and lifestyle.

The antiques that are available at Dunleith Designs have been hand selected by the company owner, Ken Rogers. Mr. Rogers has over 29 years of experience in the art and design industry and encourages customers to ask for his advice on wedding gift ideas that will make a lasting impression.

Dunleith Designs Antiques, L.L.C.
Toll Free (866) 478-9186
1537 Metairie Road
Metairie, LA 70005


For more information on wedding gift ideas for the upcoming bridal season, visit, http://www.dunleithdesigns.com/