Interest spikes in Pinterest, notably from women

Cissy Proctor, an attorney in Tallahassee, Fla., uses it to curate inspiration for home design, entertaining, food, wine and gardening. Before Pinterest, she’d bookmark pages in the print magazines she subscribes to, but that meant “that I have to remember that dining room I loved,” she says. “Which issue was that in my stack of magazines?”

Big Rich Texas, Season 2, Episode 4 Recap (3-11-12)

Last week on Style Network’s Big Rich Texas, viewers were left with an uneasy feeling when Melissa was super-cryptic about her pageant history, revealing only that she was Miss Carrollton and Miss Dallas but refusing to provide even the most basic information about her reign.

Luckily for viewers, I’m not just a writer; I’m also Nancy Drew.  Shortly before this week’s episode aired, I received the not-so-easy-to-get package I’ve been waiting for all week. And as soon as I’ve wasted more precious time reviewing the DVDs pictured below, I’ll be reporting back.

But first, the tragic drama that is episode 4.

We’re hanging out with Bonnie and Jason, they’re reminiscing about their wedding 18 years ago. It probably would have been a sweet moment to watch had we not been left wondering why Jason’s face was blurred in one photo but not another. The places my mind goes while pondering the reason must be far worse than the actual photo.

Bon, if you’re reading this, please send an unedited copy of that pic so I can free myself up to fully focus on Whitney’s outrageous, age inappropriate behavior.

Whit has been banned from the club for 30 days due to her drink throwing, curse word chunkin’, hands around Kalyn’s neck breakdown at Leslie’s pageant last week. Surely Whitney realizes that she’s getting off easy since for some inexplicable reason no one called the police. Let’s check in with her and see how relieved she is.

Just as Whit enters the room, Bon and Jason point out a photo of Whitney at their ceremony when she was 5 years old.

Jason: That’s when she was sweet and innocent, before the demon came out.

Whitney: [As she pours some liquor] I’m still sweet and innocent.

Bonnie and Jason remind Whit that their vow renewal ceremony is being held at the club and since she’s been banned, she’ll need to do some apologizing to Mr. Scoma as well as other members who were there.

Whitney: I didn’t do anything. It’s not my fault ya’ll picked the country club.

Jason: It’s not my fault you went and got kicked out of the country club. Just apologize.

Whitney: F*** that. Kalyn started it.

Jason: You’re being selfish, you’re being rude to your mom. I’m not putting up with it anymore.

Whitney: F*** Scoma. F*** your wedding. I’m not f***ing going.

Then she flashes a double birdie, which has been blurred because I’m sure people who have tuned in to this show would be really offended by that.

Next, we’re at Connie’s used couture shop, Uptown Consignment. Leslie drops by because, “None of the women at the country club will talk to me right now.” Les asks Connie why she hasn’t been defending her.

Connie: If she wants the truth, I’m gonna give it to her.

Great idea Connie, we’ll do the same for you. That buckle on your neck must go.

Leslie: You introduced me to the country club. It’s the best, it’s the best. You have to impress.

Connie: Didn’t you think any of this would catch up with you?

Leslie: You’re right, I made a mistake. My big mistake was not correcting the embellishments right on the spot. I let people think I had $100 million.

Leslie, sweetheart, whether or not you have $100 million is only an embellishment if you really have 99.5. And how would people be under the impression that’s how much money you have? If you told them that you have $100 million, this would be what Texans call a lie. The good news is you don’t appear to be alone, it seems other cast members have been embellishing too.

Leslie cries, Connie comforts. And at least one Woodhaven friendship is on the mend.

Pam meets Heidi Dillon at Prashe Design Space thinking she’s getting an invite to be on the board of the Fashionistas. Instead Dillon asks her to audition for the part by co-chairing a fundraiser.

Pam: I thought Heidi invited me down here to talk about being a board member, not to plan a party.

Yeah Pam, it’s a shame the behavior you’ve shown to date doesn’t speak for you, looks like you’ll have to work for it.

And I see what you mean about being invited “down here.” Had you not been required to take a road trip from Plano to Dallas for this disappointing meeting, you might not be so grumpy.

Pam: I’m not sure she realizes who I am and just how much I do have to offer.

Totally with you on this, Pam. Who DOES Heidi think you are? It’s like she thinks you’re an f-bomb dropping, social climbing resident of Collin County who is a member of a barbed wire incased Fort Worth country club. Or something like that.

Over at Woodhaven, DeAynni’s husband is building a gazebo and apparently it’s Leslie’s fault.

Pam: Since Leslie and her phantom millions didn’t get us a new wing at the country club, we’re stuck with this dumb gazebo.

Leslie is the only one at the club who was thought to have money for additions to the building? And since she didn’t fund the expansion, Plan B was a gazebo?

Pam, if you’re so rich, you pay for it.

Bonnie comes out to check on construction and reveals some details about her wedding, “It’s going to be a corpse bride theme.”

Since Whitney won’t apologize, Bonnie tries to bribe Mr. Scoma with candy. He probably thinks he’s on a hidden camera episode of Dateline so he doesn’t take the bait. Instead, he throws Leslie under the bus, “She wanted to know if we were going to restrict privileges for Whitney.”

Bonnie: I can’t believe that b**** Leslie is the reason why Whitney got kicked out of the club.

Bon, I can see where Whit gets this awful tendency to blame everyone else. Need I remind you that your daughter threw a drink in Kalyn’s face and then proceeded to strangle her? I’m pretty sure that’s frowned upon at most clubs and has nothing to with Leslie.

And Scoma, you’re such a putz. What kind of club owner tells that kind of thing?

Now that Connie and Leslie are friends again, they bond over some cosmetic procedures at Skintastic where Whitney works. They’re the customers but that doesn’t stop Whit from taking a swipe, “Are you here for Kalyn, she needs lipo.” And since Les didn’t jump her, Whit ups the ante, “She’s a chunky monkey.”

After being verbally abused by the staff, they decide to stay. While waiting, Connie mentions that Whitney was kicked out of the club because of the pageant scene last week. Leslie had no idea that Whitney had been banned and feels sad for Bonnie who won’t have her daughter at the corpse bride wedding.

So Leslie morphs into Marcia Brady and despite having been treated poorly by Bon and Whit, she begins to strategize how she can save the day for her mortal enemies. Then she dances in a field of rainbows and unicorns.

Given the theme, Bonnie could probably have picked out a gown at Party City but instead she meets Connie at Demerara to have one custom made. She’s measured and interviewed about the wedding dress of her dreams- fitted and black. The sales girls, perhaps identical twins, act like that’s normal and they agree to get started.

Kalyn has been invited by Melissa and Maddie to go horseback riding for the day. Pam is there too. Kalyn starts spilling her guts about how overwhelmed she is with school, pageant, work and helping with the Lelsie’s biz.

Pam: It feels to me like she’s using you for her business, Kalyn.

Pam, it feels to me like you want Kalyn to be a tool in your next evil plot against Leslie.

Kalyn falls under Pam’s spell and believes she’s being used. Never mind that Kalyn is living a life that only last year from her trailer park in California seemed unattainable.

Back at the club, Bonnie pays a visit to the gazebo where her ceremony is to be held.

Bon: There’s a mud pit where the gazebo should be. My wedding is in 4 days.

Bonnie, to be fair, it’s a corpse bride wedding. And it’s not a wedding, you’re already married.

But Connie is planning the event and sees that a change of venue will be necessary. So she moves the wedding to a banquet room under construction. Bon is clearly distressed.

Bon: Everything is going so wrong, Whitney not being able to come here, my friend’s dog is dying so that’s one bridesmaid out. No, that’s two bridesmaids out.

I think she meant Whitney, not the dog. But I’m unsure.

Marsha Leslie shows up at Skintastic asking for 5 minutes of Whit’s time. But Whitney still seems to think all the trouble she’s in is Leslie’s fault.

Leslie tells Whit that she never made Tyler date her. Then Les gets a little carried away and tells Whitney that she takes responsibility for what went wrong at the club and that if Whit will apologize to Scoma, she’ll also be there to tell him that it was, “everybody’s fault, not just yours.”

All this because Leslie wants Bonnie to be happy. It would bring a tear to my eye if it weren’t so freaking ridiculous.

Hannah meets up with Whitney at Sfuzzi. Hannah tells her she came in town for her mom’s Fashionistas event.

Whit: What the Hell is that?

Hannah: It’s like an organization…like men and women who love fashion and champagne and…basically they just drink a lot of champagne.

Whitney tells Hannah all about the drink throwing, strangling incident at the club last week, “Leslie tells Scoma that I started it and got me kicked out.”

Whitney, you did start it.

Wait. Shut up. Hannah is talking like a grown-up and encouraging Whit to apologize. But Whitney has principles and says she doesn’t apologize if she’s not sorry. Hannah throws down the wisdom, “You have to swallow your pride.”

And with that, viewers around the world jump to their feet and applaud Hannah.

Chanting: Han. Nah. Han. Nah. Han. Nah.

Pam’s event goes smoothly despite the fact that she hit the dance floor and got her groove on in front of people. She’s voted in as a board member and I’m sure the Fashionistas will get around to reflecting Pam’s position on their website any day now.

The wedding is about to begin when Whitney shows up. Thankfully it’s a corpse bride theme so she didn’t have to buy a new outfit. Amidst the males wearing eyeliner, the sleeveless, tat covered minister and the smoke pouring out of a machine, Leslie and Bonnie make up- at least temporarily.

Jessica Biel Finally Reveals Her Engagement Ring In Public

Jessica showed off her big rock at the L.A. Lakers vs. Boston Celtics game! Look at that bling!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake aren’t keeping their engagement a secret anymore!

Jessica stepped out with the big rock on her finger in L.A. on March 12 at the L.A. Staples center. The 30-year-old flaunted the engagement ring that Justin, 31, gave her as she watched the L.A. Lakers/ Boston Celtics games. She is definitely one lucky lady!

The pair have been dating on and off for the last five years, but finally decided to take the next step when Justin allegedly proposed to her on a ski vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They are reportedly planning a summer wedding at a private estate.

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Do you think Jessica and Justin’s marriage will last? Vote and weigh in below!

– Nicole Karlis

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Get some ideas at Prom Expo 2012

Still have no idea what to wear on high school’s biggest night? Why not let the professionals at Prom Expo 2012 help?

This first-ever event will be staged from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 17, at Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg.

Not only will the expo expose local students to area vendors selling prom gear — a portion of the proceeds from the event will go toward forming a local chapter of SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions.

Jennifer Gibbons, owner of Moments by TeeJae Trinity 3, which is sponsoring the Prom Expo, said many students make destructive decisions during prom and graduation season.

“Material on SADD will be available for students to sign up,” she said. “My goal is to have the college students implement it in the elementary schools. There’s so much going on in the elementary schools. We really need to start with the babies.”

In addition to information about SADD, vendors will be on hand talking about the services they offer. Gibbons said formalwear, accessories and more will be available for purchase at the event.

“We’re going to have some exhibits on display,” she said. “We’ll have a couple of students from South Carolina State University do some performances for us. Then we’ll have students from participating schools modeling formalwear.”

Prizes — including gowns, tuxedo rentals, hair styling and cuts, shoes, jewelry, limo rides and more — will be awarded.

Admission to the expo is $5. Children younger than 10 will be admitted free. Tickets are available at Dr. Dennis Shay’s office in Orangeburg, The Bridal Path in Orangeburg and BSG DollarMart in Denmark.

“There will be a whole lot of discounts,” she said. “We have so many vendors here, and people actually take their money out of Orangeburg.”

Students from Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School, Hunter-Kinard-Tyler High School, Calhoun County High School and Denmark High School will be among those participating in the Prom Expo. Vendors will include The Bridal Path, Lasting Impressions Wedding Planning Caterer of Orangeburg, 5 Star Limo of Columbia, Williams Photography of Orangeburg/Williston, Parties Over Here Place of Orangeburg and Suit Yourself Tuxedos of Denmark/Orangeburg.

For more information about Prom Expo 2012, call 803-290-7179 or visit For more information about SADD, visit

Design a Mission Patch to Win a Zero Gravity Flight!

Have you ever had that dream where you’re flying? Where you swoop through the air, floating free? Well, here’s your chance to live the dream. (And let me tell you from experience, it is really REALLY amazing!)

To commemorate their 300th commercial flight, the Zero Gravity Corporation is looking for a special mission patch design. The winning artwork will be transformed into a patch that will be worn on the right arm of the participant’s flight suit. The designer will also win a free seat aboard flight “ZG-300″ taking off from the Ft. Lauderdale airport in Florida (same site as ZG-1!) on April 14, 2012.

Since their inaugural flights in 2004, the Zero Gravity Corporation has been taking the paying public on the same parabolic flights used to train astronauts for over 50 years. For the right price (currently around $5,000), almost anyone can buy a seat on a flight and float through the air like Superman.

Zero-G has hosted some cool stuff including busting the moon hoax with the Mythbusters, a weightless wedding officiated by private space explorer Richard Garriott, and floating physicist Stephen Hawking.

Entries are due no later than by 11:59 p.m. EDT, Monday, March 26, 2012. The winner will be announced on April 2, 2012. The design must contain specific information and fit within the template provided. Start designing and book your flights to FLL now! (Yes, you still have to get to the airport for the Zero G flight!)

Startup Weekend Singapore a success but ideas need to be bolder

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Photo: Startup Weekend Singapore

Over the last weekend, the NUS Overseas College (NOC) Programme alumni held Startup Weekend Singapore (SWSG) 2012 at the Business School of the National University of Singapore (NUS). The 54 hour event concluded with 140 happy participants as well as satisfied mentors and judges. Disclosure: e27′s  Jacky Yap is part of the organizing team for Startup Weekend Singapore.

The winners, and my personal favorites

Team SnapSell, a mobile app for you to sell stuff on a mobile-first marketplace, walked away with the main prize. The runner-up team Starcall built a platform where fans can bid for a chance to have a one-to-one video call with their favorite celebrities, while the third place went to team Mystery Shopper, a mobile platform to help small and medium size businesses improve their business processes. Other than that, my personal favourite came in real close to the top three, which is TieTheKnot, a platform that utilizes your social network to recommend trusted merchants that fit your wedding desires. TieTheKnot  probably had the best pitch deck of the lot, which was inspired by DressRush. Another of my personal favorite, team Flipshop which is Flipboard for blogshops, came out with a really nice user interface as well.

Photo: Winning Team Snapsell with Vinnie the mentor

What was done differently this time round

To ensure that participants spend their weekend on worthwhile projects, two rounds of ideas filtering was done on Friday night. A total of 87 ideas were submitted by the participants to Pigeonhole, and crowd voting was done to select the top 40 most popular ideas. These 40 ideas were then given a one-minute facetime with the crowd to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. The judges then selected 20 of the ideas with the highest potential for the teams to work on over the weekend, after which they would present their prototype to the judges at DEMO on Sunday evening.

Photo: Mentor coaching participants at Startup Weekend

Who came and what do mentors have to say

About 15 mentors from the community came by to coach the teams over the weekend, such as Vincent Lauria, Kristav Childress, Simone Brunozzi, Daniel Cerventus, Wong Hong Ting and Goh Yi Ping among others. Andy Croll of Impulse Flyer, Adriana of Girls in Tech, and Ash Singh of also dropped by to give short presentations to the participants. Various individuals from the community dropped by once in a while as well.

Here are some of the Twitter feedback from the mentors and judges on the event:

Simone: “The Startup Weekend Singapore #swsg2012 so far seems to be one of the best organized I’ve ever been. Congrats!”

Steven Goh “#swsg2012 well done to all the teams, organisers and fellow judges for the event. was a lot of fun!”

Daniel Cerventus: ”#swsg2012 one of the better @startupweekend I have seen and was happy to be part of it. Sadly could not stay whole weekend”

Meng Wong: Congratulations again to everybody who participated in #swsg2012. I was impressed by the demos. Tremendous efforts all! You guys rock.

It’s time to be bolder, Singapore!

I also spoke to a few participants from the region participating at the event, one of whom is Richerd Chan, a Vancouver-born geek who happened to be in town. Richerd was part of the first few hires of HootSuite who helped built the iPhone and iPad interface of HootSuite, also the winner of  Startup Weekend Vancouver two years ago. During his second Startup Weekend at SWSG, Richerd joined team StarCall which came in second place. According to Richerd, the crowd at SWSG is generally younger than the one he went to two years back in Vancouver. Richerd also told us that the ideas at SWSG are not new and that teams were not trying hard enough to think of new ideas. Probably a good message to entrepreneurs in Singapore to dream bigger, and bolder.

That said however, I was impressed by the level of execution by the teams at the event. Every team had at least had a minimum viable product and some of the teams went offsite to do customer validation. Overall, Startup Weekend Singapore has been a fun and fruitful weekend!

Photo: Startup Weekend Singapore

Wedding on ice: Willmar, Minn., couple exchange vows during curling-themed …


WILLMAR — They say that the couple who laughs together, stays together. If that’s true, then Susie Dunlap and Randy Czarnetzki should have a long, happy life together.

On Saturday, the couple wed on the ice at the Willmar Civic Center in a curling-themed wedding. Curling, an Olympic sport, involves two teams shooting heavy stones down the ice toward a target — not exactly the picture of romance. But from beginning to end, the “wedding on ice” was filled with originality, laughter and plenty of love.

When the couple first started planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to incorporate curling elements into it. Both Dunlap and Czarnetzki serve on the board of the Willmar Curling Club and regularly travel around the area to participate in curling bonspiels, or tournaments.

In addition to curling, the couple also wanted to make sure their wedding reflected their personalities. Dunlap and Czarnetzki, both of Willmar, describe themselves as “fun” and people who “don’t take ourselves too seriously.” Both have been married before and wanted their wedding to be less formal than their first. So from the Facebook wedding invitations to the humorous vows to the potluck-style reception, there were very few traditional elements to their nuptials this weekend.

“We wanted the wedding to reflect us,” Dunlap said. “We really wanted it to be like a party with our friends and family.”

With that spirit in mind, Dunlap and Czarnetzki kept their guests laughing throughout the ceremony, especially when they recited their original vows to each other: Czarnetzki vowed to “always keep my zipper zipped,” while Dunlap vowed to “always be your girlfriend” and “always keep you warm. Menopause is coming.”

“Our vows were both humorous and meaningful to us at the same time,” Dunlap said after the ceremony. “Married life is what you want to make of it. You have to figure out what battles you want to fight.”

“I think because we’ve been married before, we see things a little differently,” Czarnetzki said of their vows. “We know that you have to cut loose every once in a while to really enjoy each other.”

To stay true to their curling theme, Dunlap and Czarnetzki started the ceremony on the opposite end of the arena and shot two curling stones carrying their wedding rings down toward the other side of the ice.

The couple then walked down the “aisle,” surrounded on either side by around 40 curlers who made an archway with their curling brooms. Some of the curlers were from the area; others were in town for the weekend’s curling bonspiel. One of their close curling friends, Art Benson of Willmar, officiated the ceremony.

Like most weddings, it ended with a kiss. Unlike most weddings, however, theirs was followed by a breakout of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” and a call for guests to meet them in the lobby area for a potluck-style reception.

On their Facebook wedding event page, Dunlap and Czarnetzki had asked for everyone to bring a dish for the potluck instead of wedding gifts. Between the wedding’s nearly 200 guests, the potluck included an array of food ranging from salads to lasagna to pork sandwiches and fried chicken.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Czarnetzki had specifically asked for a “cake” made out of Twinkies, Ho Hos, Suzy Q’s and Ding Dongs.

“It was our redneck wedding cake,” he said. “I saw a picture of it on the Internet and knew we had to have it.”

Despite all of the planning and thought they put into their wedding on ice, there were a few minor “glitches” here and there, the couple said after the ceremony. They had a few audio problems, and when Dunlap shot her curling stone down the ice at the beginning of the ceremony, the ring fell off and had to be carried up to the front.

“I would say the wedding went well, but not as planned,” Dunlap said. “But everybody laughed and had a good time, and that was most important to us. Every wedding has its issues, and now we have wonderful memories that we can look back on and laugh about.”

“It was a little tricky because we didn’t have the ability to do a run-through because of the bonspiel taking place,” Czarnetzki said. “There was some last-minute hysteria.”

Now that the wedding is over, Czarnetzki and Dunlap plan to take the week off and just relax. They won’t take a honeymoon, but next weekend they’re headed to Centerville, Wis., for — what else? — a curling tournament.

“We just go back to life as normal now,” Dunlap said. “We’ll live our happily ever after as husband and wife.”

For more photos and video from the wedding, visit

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Special designs for summer brides

Wonder Woman
Wedding planner



Are you set to walk down the aisle this summer but confused about what to wear? Archana Kochhar offers a solution with her new bridal collection – Summer Bride 2012.

“Looking different and glamorous at wedding is the dream of every young girl and my collection will satisfy the needs of women of today. My design philosophy revolves around making my client’s personality shine and with my latest bridal collection. The girls will not only get a chance to look traditional but glamorous too,” Kochhar told IANS.

The designer is quite popular among Bollywood glitterati – Kangana Ranaut, Ayesha Takia, Soha Ali Khan, Zeenat Aman, Mughda Ghodse, Dia Mirza and Mahima Choudhary are among her clients. She feels new age women are open to experimentation when it comes to keeping their wardrobe fashionable.

rima“Today’s women don’t want that signature red and maroon shades and this is why my colour palette revolves around shades of neon pink and orange minimally embellished with applique work and sprinkled with crystal stones,” she added.

Kochhar’s bridal collection offers kaftans, lehenga-cholis, saris and anarkali suits in fabrics like fluid viscose georgette, silk, chiffon, colorado, net, satin and velvet.

“I love to make and design grand clothes. I believe that clothes are a celebration; they bring joy to us and bring out happy and exquisite moments when one wears them and this is what the summer bride will do,” she added.

Price starts from Rs.50,000 and the new collection is available at Kochhar’s store in Mumbai.