Matthew Wolfenden Puts Wedding Plans On Hold Because Of Dancing On Ice?!

Emmerdale actor has no time for anything else!

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Matthew Wolfenden has been wowing the Dancing On Ice judges and viewers every week with his jaw-dropping skating skills, however all the rehearsals for the show have meant that the hunky Emmerdale actor has had to put his marriage plans on hold until he finishes competing in the ITV competition!

Patient fiancé Charley Webb agreed to marry Matthew following his proposal on Christmas Day in 2008, and the young co-stars, who have a one-year-old son called Buster together, were planning for their wedding to take place in the next year.

However Matthew’s Dancing On Ice schedule is currently so hectic that everything else has had to take a backseat. The actor told Heat magazine: “Oh God, yeah. I’ve not done anything else apart from this. Literally, when I’ve not been training up North I’ve been down here.”

He added: “Charley’s been down here watching then she drives up for work. We’ve been passing like two ships in the night. It’s been really tough, it’s harder than I ever thought it would be.”

Matthew Wolfenden and partner Nina in their high-scoring circus performance on Dancing On Ice

Although the couple are having to wait until after Dancing On Ice finishes to talk wedding plans, Matthew is enjoying his time on the show admitting: “I feel fitter than I’ve felt for ages.”

In last weekend’s live show Matthew once more impressed, dressed as a lion tamer, complete with cracking whip. His circus-themed routine won him the highest score of the series so far, leading DOI judge Robin Cousins to comment:

“It is about the complete package, the skating skills are there, the lift went up. Terrific tonight, really strong.”

However Matthew has no time to rest on his laurels, as this week as on top of his normal routine with professional skating partner Nina, he will be required to perform for one minute alone as part of the Ultimate Skills Test.

The celebrity who scores highest in the test will go straight through to the series finale, while the other three will have to face the public vote.

The Dancing On Ice stars in action:

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Why Angelina called off the wedding

When he responded to the pre-Oscars question of whether or not he and Angelina Jolie would ever actually tie the knot by saying, “We’d actually like to”, Brad Pitt knew he was taking a risk on publicly forcing Ange’s hand on the marriage conundrum that has plagued their relationship of late. Adding that he “didn’t think they would be able to hold out” on not marrying, the Moneyball actor called “ludicrous” the idea that he couldn’t marry due to his previous statements about only marrying when all couples were legally allowed to.

But Brad’s gamble backfired, after a furious Angelina put a halt to all his wedding plans – which had included starting renovations on the couple’s Italian chateau – claiming that he’d backed her into a corner, and that she didn’t appreciate him involving the world in their private business.

All plans are off

Even though Angelina had gone as far as to pick her wedding dress designer (with style sources whispering that she’d opted for Armani), the actress, 36, had no qualms about calling off the wedding – even though the couple’s six kids were looking forward to the big day.

“She wanted to take back control,” spilled an insider. “She was furious that Brad started to speak publicly about something they had discussed in private between themselves. She thought he was trying to drum up interest in his Oscar campaign and didn’t appreciate her private life being used in this way.” Adding, “Even though it crushed the kids, she put the brakes on the wedding straight away.”

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What the Jolie-Pitt kids had planned

Although Angelina had joked in the past of her six children’s attitude to marriage, “The kids asked me the other day and I asked them if it was just because they wanted to have a big cake”, insiders say the older children, Maddox, 10, Pax, eight, Zahara, seven and Shiloh, five, were excited about joining in their parents’ big day – with mini-fashionista Zahara already pointing out the dresses she liked.

  • Oscars fashion: Scarlet ladies

“Maddox would get all proprietary and say he was going to give Angelina away – it was so cute,” spilled a source. “And Zahara, who loves getting dressed up in girly outfits, was always finding pictures of pretty dresses she thought Angelina would wear.”

And the kids has also divvied up duties, including who’d be the ring-bearer, between them, with Shiloh insisting she’d walk down the aisle with Jacques, the family bulldog.

“When the kids went to Brad and Ange with their list of what they would do on the big day, they thought it was adorable – and it added fuel to how fast they would move on tying the knot and making the kids happy.”

Very different wedding ideas

But the couple had also struggled to reconcile their different ideas of what a wedding should be, with Brad looking to replicate the fun he had at his first wedding to Jennifer Aniston, and Ange looking for a more spiritual, rather than legal commitment, ceremony; and the pair couldn’t even agree on a guest list.

“She wanted a tiny wedding,” said a mole. “Immediate family and very, very close friends. Brad thinks a wedding is about having a giant blow-out party, and he’d already mentally put together a list that read like a who’s who of Hollywood, including Matt Damon, George Clooney and Jerry Weintraub.”

But Angelina was said to prefer to marry abroad to avoid a media circus, with insiders saying she had her heart set on Thailand.

“Clearly, she’s more interested in having control than she is in making her family truly happy,” an insider sniped to In Touch. Adding, “She refused to let him pick out her ring or to have a wedding cake.”

Haunted by his previous wedding

Whereas Angelina’s previous two weddings were unconventional to say the least, with the actress famously writing her husband’s name in blood on her white shirt when she married Scottish actor Jonny Lee Miller back in 1996; then opting for a quickie Vegas wedding to Billy Bob Thornton in 2000, for which they both wore jeans; Brad’s was a fairytale day, that was highly run-of-the-mill by Hollywood standards.

“Brad had the string quartet, fireworks display, impressive cake and sit-down meal, the whole shebang,” said an insider of his Dh3.6 million wedding to Jennifer Aniston back in 2000. “Angelina thought the whole thing just too hokey for words.” With another adding, “Brad’s first wedding was her idea of hell, so she’d go out of her way to brush aside any suggestion of ‘tradition’.” Adding, “She feels she wouldn’t know herself if she looked in the mirror and saw a huge white dress and a veil.”

For more celeb newspick up this week’s copy of Scene on newsstands now for just Dh7 or subscribe now!

Shakespeare Festival Leads With Common Theme, Diversely Portrayed

Ashland, 2012: Misalliances

Under the Sadie Hawkins rules of Leap Year, romantic initiative becomes a wide-open free-for-all. No wonder if the course of true love gets even more roiled than usual. Apt, then, that in the current leap year the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) should lead its 2012 Ashland season with four very different plays, all on the theme of thwarted love.

  • The spring season’s banner OSF production, “The White Snake,” relates a Chinese folk tale of miscegenation between a spiritually evolved serpent and a hapless earthly scholar. Their love is foiled by a bigoted Buddhist abbot.
  • OSF’s latest incarnation of “Romeo and Juliet” transposes the story to the newly Americanized milieu of mid-19th century California. There the lovers are “death-marked” not just by their feuding clans but also by the culture clash between aristocratic Iberian machismo and the martial law diktat of the U.S. Army garrison.
  • Chekhov’s “Seagull” presents a daisy chain of unrequited love. We meet (in order of appearance): a hard-pressed schoolteacher who loves a dipsomaniac housekeeper who loves a wannabe writer who loves an aspiring actress who loves a celebrity author who loves (intermittently) a has-been stage starlet. Not to mention a jaded country doctor who is hopelessly adored by an ageing concierge. All this in a lapidary “black box” staging with understated dialogue.
  • Nothing understated about this year’s musical crowd-pleaser, a timely OSF revival of “Animal Crackers,” the Marx Brothers’ classic farce from the last Great Depression 70+ years ago. Not exactly a love story, but it’s all about couplings: the characters collide and ricochet like clangorous pinballs. Plenty of raunchy puns and sight gags, but nobody makes much “whoopee” in the end as the anarchic, upstart Brothers befool the one-percenters of the Jazz Age gentry.

All four shows display the production values we’ve come to expect at the OSF – dazzling stagecraft, impeccable timing, bravura performances. Encouragingly, the 2012 Playbill includes a high proportion of Ashland neophytes in high-profile roles, such as the title characters of “Romeo and Juliet” (Daniel Jose Molina and Alejandra Escalante) and “The White Snake” (Amy Kim Waschke). OSF’s directorial newbies this season: Allison Narver of “Animal Crackers” and – a coup for the Festival – Tony Award winner/MacArthur Fellow Mary Zimmerman of “The White Snake.”

Ashland’s at its best this time of year. Lithia Park’s about to burst into flower, yet the panhandlers and boutiques remain blessedly dormant. Altogether an ideal time for an early-season theater binge. Some mini-reviews to help plan your foray:

Snake-Charming, Chinese Style

In China, this story is universally known. It’s a core staple in every medium, from comic books to tea-house raconteurs to TV serials to classic Peking Opera. Nobody bats an eye at its highly stylized performance conventions or its magical cosmology. The dramatic momentum arises not from surprise plot twists, but rather narrative and interpretive niceties, much the way Western audiences appreciate Shakespeare.

But for most of the Ashland audience, “The White Snake” is unfamiliar exotica. To make it accessible to us, Zimmerman and her production designers (the real co-stars of the show) have invented their own audio-visual grammar that draws only loosely on traditional Chinese techniques.

So we get an on-stage wind, string and percussion ensemble of mixed Chinese and Western instruments; snake puppets ranging from palm-top to room-sized; bolts of streaming or billowing silk to represent rain, fire, waves and clouds; delicate cycloramas or propped parasols in lieu of solid stage sets; a continuous flow of action, with no scene changes or intermissions; narrative asides directly to the audience; and balletic kungfu battles.

Occasionally the production slyly highlights its own stylization. Ensemble players on the sidelines (usually Richard Howard or Christopher Jean) point out alternative plot turns or karmic back-stories. Sometimes they even recite whole verbatim passages from Chinese opera manuals while the play’s protagonists mechanically mime the prescribed entries, exits and gesticulations.

Kim Wasche’s star turn is ably supported by Christopher Livingston as her clueless scholar/husband and Tanya McBride as her feisty supernatural sidekick, the Green Snake. Ashland veteran Jack Willis plays a wonderfully snarky abbot, kind of a shaved-pate Limbaugh, growling “this is Buddha’s country!” as he flaps his saffron robe like a sinister bat wing.

Such verbal Americanisms may be an artifact of Zimmerman’s scripting process. She and her cast improvise their way through the story, scene-by-scene, before they finalize any dialogue. This may have worked better on her previous ventures – the Odyssey, Arabian Nights or Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” – based on canonical texts well-known to Western audiences. But for unfamiliar material like “The White Snake” it makes for an odd mismatch between the visual poetry of the production and the prosaic spoken lines.


Period productions of Shakespeare are hardly novel anymore, but director Laird Williamson’s Alta California backdrop for his new “Romeo and Juliet” seems especially inspired. Not only is the historical allusion apt and close to home, but the choice allows for a Spanish-inflected idiom of costume, music, gesture and speech that well suit the play’s text and themes. Vaquero mummery and body language enliven the street brawling, raunchy clown scenes and the masked ball where Romeo and Juliet first meet.

The eponymous stars, as well as such supporting players as Elijah Alexander (Don Capulet), Vilma Silva (his wife) and Jason Rojas (Mercutio), spice their lines with Spanish interjections, which they reel off with native fluency. Even Isabell Monk O’Connor, as the voluble nurse, fusses and prattles in Spanish-accented cadences. These stand-out performances, as well as Tony DeBruno’s wise and humane Friar Lawrence, lend a new freshness to the well-known lines.

School groups make up a high proportion of the audience this early in the season, while the academic year is still in session. The kids seemed to know their Shakespeare a lot better than I did at their age. They sighed or laughed in all the right places, despite the archaic and sometimes bawdy allusions. At the interval, klatches of teenage girls were overheard gushing about the dreaminess of Molina’s Romeo.

Loves Me/ Loves Me Not

“Seagull” begins with a screed from an unknown young playwright of avant garde pretentions. He inveighs against the mainstream theaters where, “in a room with three walls and artificial light,…those priests of high art…show me how people eat, drink, love, walk about and wear their jackets…[and] from those banal scenes and phrases…try to fish out a moral.”

Yet this is precisely the improbable miracle that Chekhov achieves in “Seagull” and his later plays. Except it’s not a tidy “moral” that he fishes out of his onstage banalities, but rather a poetic mood, a bittersweet sense of life’s pathos and drollery and ultimate dignity.

All the “dramatic” action of the story – a wedding, an illicit love affair, the birth and death of a child, a couple of nervous break-downs and a suicide – happens offstage. We only get to know of these events by overhearing the protagonists react to them as they go about their quotidian business of eating and drinking, flirting and quarreling.

This oblique approach so shocked Moscow theater-goers at the play’s premiere in 1896 that Chekhov was booed off the stage and resolved never again to write a drama. But the play found its voice when radical director Konstantin Stanislavsky, a founding luminary of the “naturalistic” school, restaged it two years later, coaching his actors to “merge” with their roles so as to bring out the “subtexts” of the lines.

Libby Appel, who was OSF’s artistic director from 1995 to 2007, makes the most of these Stanislavskian resonances. But what was radical in the 1890s may seem a little dated now; the play’s characters seem to utter an inordinate amount of exposition, emotional confession and philosophical musings.

Then again, they are Russians and Ukrainians, famously introspective. And the themes of their brooding sound curiously congruent with our own preoccupations today: family disintegration, runaway celebrity culture, addiction, generation gaps and a vague sense of eschatological dread. Plus class resentments and inescapable money worries.

Two of the characters seem to speak directly to different aspects of Chekhov’s own personality. First we there’s the maddeningly objective doctor (Armando Duran; Chekhov was medically trained and continued to practice throughout his literary career). And then – most tormented of all – there’s the mature author (Al Espinosa), bored with his own fame but compulsively parlaying his whole life into prose.

Irrational Exuberance

For performances of “Animal Crackers” they ought to fit out the seating in OSF’s Bowmer Theater with airbags and headrests. After two acts of this stuff you could get whiplash from all the double-takes – “Did he actually just say that? Did she really do what I thought I just saw?”

It’s the pixilated pacing that makes for this effect. Gotta keep moving in a production like this; if we lingered long enough for any single shtik to sink in, it wouldn’t make any sense at all. So director Allison Narver maintains the crackling tempo without let up. The only time it flags is during a studiedly stagnant piano riff by the Chico character.

“Chico” (John Tufts) and “Harpo” (Brent Hinkley) are plenty funny, but never quite attain to the over-the-top zaniness of their original role models. How could they, given the inherent paradox of trying to recreate the freshly uncorked froth of unprecedented improvisation? Groucho’s OSF avatar (Mark Bedard) almost brings it off, given his advantage of more verbal gag lines.

Other show-stealing performances come from K.T. Vogt as the soignée hostess of the Long Island estate where the play is set, and Jonathan Haugen in the dual role of her unflappable butler and a parvenu Ponzi schemer. They get their due come-uppance when the Marxian Occupiers take over their MacChateau.

lincoln-kaye-mugLincoln Kaye is a forest fire lookout on Ironside Mountain in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. He was a foreign correspondent in Asia for nearly 30 years before retiring to Trinity County.


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Roberto Cavalli: Jennifer Lopez Requested Special Wedding Dress

The rumor mill was abuzz last week with hints from a source that Jennifer Lopez plans to marry Casper Smart in an intimate ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii. However, a representative for Lopez shot down the source’s comments, saying that the story is 1000 percent inaccurate.

Well, according to a recent tweet by Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, the rumors may not be mere speculation after all.

Cavalli posted the following after supposedly receiving a call from Jennifer Lopez about a request for a certain type of dress.

Recall Lopez’s designer pal broke the news about her pregnancy back in 2007. The above tweet has since been removed from Cavalli’s page.

If anyone were to design Lopez’s wedding dress, it would likely be Cavalli. Lopez has modeled numerous dresses for the renowned designer over the years.

So the question remains: Does J.Lo plan to wed her current beau, Casper Smart in the near future?

It seems only time will tell. But one thing is for certain — Lopez will have to finalize her divorce with ex Marc Anthony first.


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Biggest Latino Celebrity Breakups (PHOTOS)

Janio Núntildeez, Cuban Artist, Builds Sculptures Out Of Tobacco Leaves (VIDEO)

Shakira Nominated For Prince Of Asturias Concord Award

California Border Patrol Finds Woman Hidden In Wall Of Van (PHOTO)

Remembering A Television Pioneer: Happy Birthday, Desi Arnaz! (VIDEO)

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Spence to become wedding planner

Louie Spence will secretly organise a couple’s nuptials in TV show Celebrity Wedding Planner.

The Dancing On Ice judge is set to appear on the new series of the show, which sees brides and grooms-to-be letting celebs organise their big day, reports the Daily Star.

Louie will have to plan the couple’s wedding in his own style, and they won’t know who is sorting out the event until their actual wedding day.

A source said: “Let’s just say one couple are going to have the campest wedding ever. It’s going to be so over the top that you won’t believe it.”

Former TOWIE star Amy Childs is also said to be in talks to appear on the new series of the Channel 5 show.

Big Brother’s Josie Gibson, Irish twins Jedward and Kerry Katona have all previously tried their hand at wedding planning on the series.

Copyright © 2012 The Press Association. All rights reserved.

Carriages to cakes – wedding fair had it all

BRIDES and grooms-to- be flocked to the biggest ever Cleethorpes Wedding Fair.

The event, held at the resort’s leisure centre, provided happy couples with everything needed for the perfect wedding day – all under one roof.

  1. biggest ever:  Co-organisers of the Cleethorpes Wedding Fair Euan Gloyn, left,  and Sam Russell.  Buy these photos at or by contacting 08444 060910.

    biggest ever: Co-organisers of the Cleethorpes Wedding Fair Euan Gloyn, left, and Sam Russell. Buy these photos at or by contacting 08444 060910.

  2. sweet success: Enjoying the day are owner of Cupcake Corner Tamsin Huntley, with bride-to-be Donna Gorrod and her mum Heather.

Guests were given the opportunity to browse various trade stalls specialising in everything from photography to cake-making, and entertainment.

A charity raffle, which gave entrants the chance to win a “sweet buffet” worth £285 from Waltham’s McMillers Sweets Emporium, also helped to raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, in support of Amelia Wood who took to the catwalk on the day.

Co-organiser Sam Russell said that the fair had been a great success.

He said: “It has been fantastic and we have had a nice steady flow of people coming through the doors all day.

“This is the third wedding fair that we’ve done and we’ve got more than 40 traders in here today, so this is the biggest event that we’ve ever done.

“I’m getting married in June myself, so I know how helpful it can be to come to one of these events as it provides all the services you need to get around, all in one place.

“I’m really pleased how today has gone, the couples seem really happy and the traders have said what a great event it has been, so it has been a success.”

Ruth Holdsworth and Tonie Sowerby, of Lumiere photographers, had enjoyed what had been their first ever wedding fair.

Tonie said: “It has gone really well. There has been a lot of people here today and we have had a lot of interest which is great for us.

Ruth added: “Events like this are great because there is a nice relaxed atmosphere, people can have a browse around and get lots of ideas.” Bride-to-be Donna Gorrod said: “It has been a really good event and I’m glad I came.

“It has been really helpful and has given me lots of ideas.”

Her mum, Heather, said: “I’ve enjoyed having a look around all of the different stalls and seeing what the businesses have to offer, it’s been good.”

Tamsin Huntley, owner of The Cupcake Cottage on Cleethorpes Country Park, said: “The fair has been fantastic. Plenty of people have been coming through the doors and browsing around the trade stalls.

“It’s been a really worthwhile event.”

Tonight on Criminal Minds: Are Those Wedding Bells We Hear?

criminal mindsThere is a theme of marriage and family on tonight’s Criminal Minds in both a professional and personal capacity. We also have a big spoiler relating to the season finale and the fate of Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) as we unfortunately know that she will be leaving the BAU team at the end of this year.

The team heads to Seattle tonight to investigate the murders of married couples, who all happen to be foster parents to young children. Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) is playing Maggie Hallman; a former teacher who has both maternal and murderous instincts and it is clear that she is targeting these couples because of the children involved. The promo below shows that it is the children that are what is important to this woman as she says ”You’re so lucky. A child’s the greatest gift of love anyone can ask for.” J.J. (A.J. Cook) also comments that “Her maternal desire is causing her to unravel” and it would seem that this woman is desperate for a baby no matter what she has to do to get one.

On a personal level tonight Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) fears that Kevin (Nicholas Brendon) is going to propose very soon. The last episode that featured Kevin had the pair falling out and making up, with an added misunderstanding between Garcia and Morgan (Shemar Moore) thrown in for good measure. If Kevin does propose, will Garcia say yes?

Warning spoilers for the season finale. Executive producer Erica Messer spoke to TV Guide about the two-hour season 7 finale that gives a hint as to what Garcia’s answer could be, as there will be a wedding. The wedding is going to be between one of the team and their long term love interest and will either be Garcia and Kevin, or J.J. and Will (Josh Stewart).

This wedding will also be the venue for the departure of Paget Brewster and they have made the decision to not kill off Prentiss, so Brewster can return in the future. Messer said that “We wanted to balance out the darkness of the two hours and the bittersweetness of Paget leaving with the flip side of a really good thing” and that they wanted to ”end a season on a happy note instead of blowing something up.” Is this how you want to see Brewster leave the show? Are you looking forward to a happier ending this season? End of spoilers.

Watch a promo for tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds “I Love You, Tommy Brown” below.





New Men’s Diamond Rings from Benchmark Added to Just Men’s Rings

Just Men’s Rings (, the online retailer known for its unparalleled selection and prices, has recently expanded its line of Benchmark men’s diamond rings to include exciting new styles and metals. Now available in alternative and precious metals like palladium, Argentium silver and cobalt chrome, these diamond wedding rings for men offer a variety of styles that range from traditional to contemporary that are sure to suit the particular tastes of any man. The combination of Benchmark’s much heralded design, craftsmanship and quality and Just Men’s Rings’ dedication to affordability and service continues to be a winning one with this latest collection.

Jensen Beach, FL (PRWEB) March 14, 2012

Men seeking the perfect unique wedding band have reason to rejoice: Just Men’s Rings has recently expanded its selection of Benchmark diamond wedding rings for men. Considered to be one of the top designers of men’s wedding bands in the country, Benchmark’s latest collection of men’s diamond rings at reflects its continued excellence and innovation in design and production.

Just Men’s Rings dedication to carrying the widest range of precious, alternative and contemporary metals and materials is also evident in their new selection of Benchmark diamond wedding rings for men. In addition to the pre-existing collection of white and yellow gold men’s diamond rings offered for sale on, diamonds can now be found dotting palladium, Argentium silver and cobalt chrome bands.

The latest selection of Benchmark men’s diamond rings available at range in design from classic and traditional to contemporary and modern, and diamond settings include bezel, channel and burnish. Some styles tend towards the minimalist and architectural, while others are edgier and can double as fashion rings. Just Men’s Rings’ new Benchmark offerings also include rings that feature some of the hottest current trends in diamond wedding rings for men: blackened (also known as oxidized) accents, groove details and black diamonds.

Known for being one of the premier providers of men’s diamond rings for the past 40 years, the Benchmark name is synonymous with exceptional design and exquisitely crafted workmanship. Based in the United States, Benchmark’s rigorous diamond ring design and manufacturing process is structured to elicit the highest quality product and includes die striking each band, precision setting diamonds for secure and maximized display, and ensuring that each men’s diamond ring passes through 22 separate operations and 5 quality inspection points. All of Benchmark’s rings enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee for services ranging from refinishing to resizing.

“Our goal is to offer the best and most unique selection of men’s diamond rings,” says Just Men’s Rings owner Roy Devine. “We have an excellent relationship with Benchmark and are looking forward to continuing to expand our selection of Benchmark designs, pairing their quality with the competitive pricing that customers have come to expect from JMR.”

With the latest Benchmark additions and more slated for the near future, those seeking an eye-catching men’s diamond ring need look no further than Just Men’s Rings. In addition to Benchmark’s Lifetime Guarantee, offers shoppers free shipping on orders over $99 and a 30 day guarantee on all products.

About Just Men’s Rings

At internet-only retailer, customers have come to expect the best possible prices on an extraordinary selection of men’s rings, as well as the highest standards of service, selection and quality. The proof is in the numbers: Just Men’s Rings ( now offers the largest selection of men’s fashion rings online, and is the only store in the United States that offers men’s large size rings up to size 20. Just Men’s Rings leads the competition with an unparalleled assortment of unique and alternative men’s wedding rings in a range of traditional and contemporary materials including gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, Tungsten, silver, stainless steel, cobalt chrome and Seranite (or ceramic). Despite the recent rise in gold prices, Just Men’s Rings continues to keep item pricing low and affordable, and shoppers would be hard-pressed to find better deals elsewhere. is dedicated to providing its customers with a simple and secure online shopping experience, and offers a 30 day guarantee and free shipping on all orders over $99.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

Brooklyn Event Space Gives Party Planners the Sweetest Bliss With a Free “Cake …

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, planning a
once-in-a-lifetime event can be hectic. Finding a venue that offers
catering, entertainment or more can streamline the process and reduce
stress. With that in mind, the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn
Bridge is pleased to partner with the renowned Carlo’s Bakery to
offer one of the most memorable wedding venues Brooklyn has to offer,
PLUS edible art courtesy of the “Cake Boss” himself, Buddy Valastro!

Through January 7, 2013, guests of the New York Marriott at the
Brooklyn Bridge who book a wedding or other qualifying social event*
will get a signature cake designed exclusively for Marriott Hotels
from New Jersey’s own Buddy Valastro of famed Carlo’s Bakery in
Hoboken, New Jersey. In addition to over 24 designs to choose from,
the “Cake From Buddy” promotion includes a one-on-one consultation
with a member of Buddy’s staff (a $100 value), a cake tasting at
Carlo’s Bakery’s new Lackawanna facility, a behind the scenes look at
Buddy’s new bakery facility, and an autographed photograph from Buddy

The “Cake From Buddy” promotion — which was launched by Marriott
Hotels last September for its New Jersey and Philadelphia properties
– has been extended until January 7, 2013. Additionally, four New
York area hotels will now be participating as well, and the New York
Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is proud to be one of them.

When it comes to comfortable accommodation, Brooklyn, New York’s
Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge can’t be beat. The Marriott is
situated just across the river from Manhattan in New York City’s most
celebrated neighborhood, Brooklyn Heights. The hotel’s luxurious
hotel rooms are an ideal choice among Brooklyn, New York hotels for
both business and leisure travelers. For a unique wedding reception,
Brooklyn’s premier Marriott offers a grand ballroom featuring more
than 18,000 square feet of elegant banquet space that is ideal for
events and wedding receptions of all sizes, as well as contemporary
dining at The Archives and Kosher catering services available

For more information or to book a celebration, guests are invited to
visit ,
call 978-977-6425, or email Recently
renovated, this Brooklyn hotel boasts a relaxed New York atmosphere
with state-of-the-art hotel amenities and superior Marriott service.
Ideal for business meetings, the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn
Bridge’s facilities include 30,000 square feet of flexible meeting
space, audio video equipment and wireless Internet.

* Event must be booked at a participating Marriott(R) hotel. Full
list of participating hotels available at .
Limited number of rooms are available for this promotion. Tax is
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restrictions apply. Rates are per room, per night and based on
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About the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
Cherished among
hotels near NYC, our full-service Marriott Brooklyn hotel offers a
unique blend of Brooklyn simplicity and New York City sophistication,
just 1.5 miles from Manhattan. The hotel’s unique style is reflected
in its 638 rooms and 28 suites on 25 floors, as well as its 30
meeting rooms with over 31,000 sq. ft. of total meeting space,
including some of the most breathtaking ballrooms in Brooklyn. This
luxury hotel in Brooklyn also features a 12,000 sq. ft. health club
and a lap pool offering adult-only swim times.

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        New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
        T: 978-977-6425
        Name: Meghan Clark
        Email: Email Contact

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