Wedding bells to wake up tired Fearne Cotton she reveals plans to marry …

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20:20 EST, 15 September 2012


20:20 EST, 15 September 2012

There’s more happy news for Fearne Cotton. After announcing last month that she is expecting her first child, I can now reveal that the Radio 1 DJ and boyfriend Jesse Wood are planning to marry.

‘We are definitely going to walk down the aisle,’ said guitarist Jesse, the son of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, at a showcase for Fearne’s fashion collection for

‘We just haven’t decided when. We are living together and I am so excited about the baby.’

Fearne Cotton

Jesse Wood

Wedding bells: Fearne Cotton revealed that she and Jesse Wood plan to marry

Jesse, 35, who already has two children by former wife Tilly Boone, has previously dated Kate Moss and designer Jasmine Guinness.

Meanwhile, I hear that pregnancy is taking its toll on Fearne, left, who hosts a weekday show on Radio 1 from 10am.

‘She is struggling with severe tiredness,’ says  an insider. ‘She’s sleeping for 11 or 12 hours a night but she’s still out of sorts in the mornings.’

Sadie Frost is tipping pal Nick Grimshaw to be a huge success as Chris Moyles’s replacement on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show.

‘He is a fun person and the right person for the job because he is effortless,’ said Sadie, 48, at the Disaronno Film Series at Hackney Picturehouse in East London.

But the early starts means that 28-year-old Grimshaw, who  hosts his first show tomorrow,  is likely to see less of Sadie – the pair are both leading members  of the party-loving Primrose Hill Set in North London.

Texan supermodel Jerry Hall is giving up her 30-year smoking habit in an effort to win Strictly Come Dancing.

Mother-of-four Jerry, 56, made her first appearance on the popular BBC show last night and a pal says: ‘She really wants to test herself to see if she can give up.

‘While she thinks it might be difficult she’s going to give it her best shot.’

Wedding planning for men – buy suit and organise DJ

Spinning plates. Herding cats. Juggling while riding a bicycle. All three are tricky tasks. But none is more difficult than planning your own wedding.

For almost a year, my partner and I have lived in a state of anxiety. At first, it was of the fleeting variety. Occasionally you would stop dead in your tracks and be filled with dread. A laundry list of 1,000 things to do would flood the brain. Church, reception, flowers, rings, suits. It keeps coming.

“Ach, it’s months away,” you muse out loud, probably trying to convince yourself as much as anyone else. “No need to panic.”

Fast forward to a month before the wedding and anxiety status has been ratcheted up to “perpetual”. Oddly, that list still seems as long as your arm, despite a sizeable wedding debt accrued and rooms full of marriage paraphernalia. Painting the Forth Bridge is starting to look like a minor Sunday afternoon chore by comparison.

Wedding planning is unlike organising any other event. Seldom do you have to ensure everything is just so while also being the main attraction. The stage manager and the headline act. In a way, you’re Bob Geldof, marshalling goods, services and egos to be in one place at one time while also strapping on a guitar to belt the hits.

Mercifully, unlike the actual Live Aid, Phil Collins will not be hopping on Concorde to play drums in the afternoon in New York. It was an option, but far too expensive. And I’m telling you now – wedding cakes don’t come cheap.

Another problem is that it will never quite be as good as someone else’s wedding. Or so you fear. It will be great, of course, but the seeds of doubt are sown by others. Our budget is modest, but there are a few nods to extravagance. A vintage Rolls Royce too and from the ceremony. Why not? Yet you hear whispers of other weddings that seem to have been under-written by Donald Trump. Fireworks, 15th century Italian castles and dancing white horses. The Cold War has nothing on the wedding arms race. By the same token, weddings in my parents’ generation were much more austere. The local chapel followed by the town hall, and maybe a shared key of ale. No five-star hotels or sweet tables to rival Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. So you’re left with a feeling of ennui, with both envy and guilt gnawing away at your soul. Only a wedding, it seems, can do that.

Never will you have to adopt more personalities, making a wedding a thrilling prospect for an actor. The problem is most people are not very good actors. You need to be a diplomat, having the wherewithal not to make the wedding equivalent of a curtsey when a firm, pumping handshake was required. I’m thinking chiefly of who to invite, a political conundrum as messy as a Cabinet reshuffle, and then where to seat them – a joyous task to be left to the last possible moment. Speeches require you to be a bon viveur and wit, photographs expect you to be a catalogue model and friends and family – variously – want the angelic son, embarrassing teenager and boisterous co-worker. Exhausting.

Aside from the wedding, nothing else matters. Every penny of spare cash dumped into a seemingly bottomless pit, and any culinary largesse beyond sharing a tin of baked beans is frowned upon as if Marie Antoinette indulgence. Sadly, thanks to the Tour de France and Olympic triumphs, I have been bitten by the cycling bug. Now is not the time, though, to broach the prospect of buying a £1,000 hybrid bicycle and ill-fitting Lyra.

I bemoan all this as if I’m orchestrating the thing. Far from it. To say I am the equivalent of a plumber’s mate – standing blankly holding a monkey wrench while the real professional works furiously beneath the sink – would probably be over-playing my part. I’ve been entrusted with finding a disco DJ and my own suit. My already betrothed male friends tell me this is as traditional as hurling confetti at the church, a reflection of how incompetent men are rightly considered. My partner has done 99.9% of the heavy lifting. A bulging, elastic band-bound folder she carries around everywhere testament to the Herculean task. It underlines why she is brilliant, and why this series of minor gripes won’t matter a jot in less than a month’s time.

Bridal bus tour to take wedding planning to the streets

RENO, Nev. — An unique traveling bridal vendor showcase will soon offer brides-to-be in the Reno-Tahoe area a stress-free and celebratory introduction to local wedding professionals.

Designed to be an alternative to endless Internet searches or aimless wandering among booths at bridal fairs, The Marriage Carriage hits the road from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30.

Brides and their guests will be transported by comfortable coach to several tour stops where they can experience event venues in-person and meet in a relaxed setting with wedding vendors, including wedding planners, photographers, florists, invitation designers, DJs, caterers, cake makers and more. Participants will be treated to continental breakfast with mimosas and specialty coffees, lunch, cake samples and wine tasting.

Raffle prizes and exclusive discounts will also be offered, including two all-day ski lift tickets for Mt. Rose Ski Resort.

“Our goal is to showcase local wedding resources and to have a lot of fun while doing so,” said Carolyn Vaught, one of the organizers of The Marriage Carriage and owner of All About Honeymoons, a honeymoon and travel company. “Brides will have the opportunity to talk with vendors, sample their work and tour venues for themselves, all while being pampered and driven around by our team.”

Registration begins at 8 a.m. at The Grove at Southcreek, with planned stops including Tannenbaum, Winters Creek Lodge, The Victorian House, Alfred Angelo and Michael Sons.

Tickets purchased on or before Sept. 25 will be $25 per person. To purchase tickets and view a complete list of participating vendors, visit

You Don’t Need a ‘Big, Gay Wedding’

You may be legally married in a particular state, but remember that in the eyes of the federal government, you are treated as a single person. This was a recurring message at Wednesday night’s LGBT Marriage Forum in New York City, an event organized by an alliance of wedding professionals to equip the LGBT community with tangible information about planning not just a wedding but a lasting marriage.

Here are a few highlights shared at the event:

1. “In some states we’ve reached a high level of equality, and [New York] offers us a warm embrace, but we must keep our eye on full marriage equality,” said Cathy Marino-Thomas, Co-President of the Board of Marriage Equality USA. The work for the LGBT community and its allies will not be done until the federal government recognizes LGBT marriages as marriages and extends to LGBT married couples the same rights and benefits it already extends to heterosexual married couples. Marino urged the community to stay engaged in this issue as it makes its way through the legal system. On Sept. 24 the United States Supreme Court Justices will decide whether to take up several same-sex marriage cases, including the California Proposition 8 case (Hollingsworth v. Perry) and the lawsuit brought by a New York woman seeking to avoid having to pay federal estate taxes on the estate of her now-deceased wife (Windsor v. United States).

2. The laws of estate planning, adoption, and property ownership can be especially complex for LGBT couples, who are still getting a handle on the ins and outs of a fairly new body of rules and regulations that vary from state to state. Before you tie the knot, consult a lawyer and an accountant, advised the two lawyers speaking at the Marriage Forum, Christopher Goeken of the Law Office of Christopher S. Goeken and Gregory Matalon of Cappell Barnett Matalon Schoenfeld LLP. Whether you’re dealing with assumption of student loans or adopting the child your spouse is carrying, the smartest thing you can do is get informed, so that you’re not hit later with unpleasant surprises.

3. The key to a lasting relationship is open communication, and too many couples fall into the trap of waiting too long to seek help when they encounter “rough spots” in their relationship, said psychotherapist Irna Gadd, a board member with the Association of Lesbian and Gay Affirmative Psychotherapists (ALGAP). “Asking for help is a sign of strength, and it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you,” she said. “If you’re having problems, don’t wait until they’re insurmountable before you talk to someone about it.” Too often, people say they don’t want to go to couples counseling because the result is inevitably a breakup. “That’s much more likely to be the case if you’ve waited too long,” Gadd said. Her advice? Keep your ears open, and listen very carefully to yourself and to your partner.

4. Explore all your parenting options, and get yourself fully informed before you start, advised the three founders of It’s Conceivable, a website dedicated to helping LGBT couples navigate their way through the mazes of insemination, surrogacy, and adoption. Kendra Eash, Diana Jerman, and Hannah Fishman lamented that when they first started thinking of building a family, there wasn’t any one single place that they could visit to get all their questions answered. You need to know your rights, what agencies are known to be gay-friendly, and what it’s been like for couples who have gone before you, they said.

5. Observe Wedding-Free Wednesdays! Brian Edwards is a newlywed who encouraged engaged couples to take time off from wedding planning to simply enjoy being engaged. “Go on a date,” he said. “And don’t talk about caterers, wedding invitations, or florists.” And remember: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your wedding has to be outrageously unique just because you’re gay. “There seems to be this expectation of gay couples that we all must have a ‘big, gay wedding,’” Edwards said. “But there’s no similar expectation of every straight wedding.” It’s just a wedding, he said. Make it what you want it to be. Edwards and his husband made national news when one of their engagement photos was used in anti-gay ads in Colorado. They are exploring their legal options with the aid of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The LGBT Marriage Forum was organized by AFTER “I DO,” an alliance of wedding professionals thinking beyond the wedding day, including the people behind (the author of this article),,, and The MC for the evening was Charlie the Matchmaker.


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Al Fresco Anniversary

This weekend Big City Bride is remembering a favorite Chicago wedding from 6 years ago. Kelly and Jeff asked Big City Bride to transform their new backyard into the ultimate outdoor wedding in Chicago and we did so in just a few months of Chicago wedding planning!

They are such wonderful people and we still look back on their planning and their wedding day with nothing but great memories. Their Chicago wedding was absolutely magical and the Chicago wedding photography we have captures the al fresco wedding dream that is so hard to pull off in Chicago.

In honor of their 6th anniversary we thought we’d share a little eye candy for the day! Chandeliers and drapery hanging from the trees, dripping floral, luscious linens, and a dance floor below the stars…this wedding was timeless and absolutely perfect.

Happy Anniversary to this great couple! We hope you celebrate well!


Jennifer Aniston’s Destination Wedding


By Hillary Mullen – September 14, 2012

EventNow reports Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s destination wedding that just got revealed to the press. We just have to say that we are not surprised that the happy couple is taking that route.

In the past, there has been many speculation and rumors about this couple breaking up, getting back together, expecting a stork visit, eloping, etc. but the couple decided to take the time and confirm their wedding plans.

The couple which just recently got engaged is already planning their nuptials. As many happy couples, once they get engaged, they want their wedding to be memorable and they plan a destination wedding like to a tropical island with just their immediate family and closest friends attending. This happy couple is doing just that, but instead of a tropical island, they are planning on getting married in December in Kenya.

The couple has planned a week-long vacation to beautiful Kenya filled with safari, and somewhere in between they will be holding a spiritual ceremony and tying the knot there. We do not know if any of their family and friends will be attending, but we are certain that someone close to them will be there to witness their union.

There has also been talk that once the couple returns from the vacation, they will be hosting a wedding ceremony and reception for the guests who were not able to attend their destination nuptials. For once, the bride’s mother (who just recently reconciled with her daughter after years of feuding) is excited as she has health issues and will not be able to travel.

We are psyched that the couple has already started their wedding planning and cannot wait to see pictures of their upcoming nuptials in Kenya and here.


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A Symphony of Love

Chicago’s Air Water Show gathers crowds every year for one of the most fun Chicago summer weekends. With so much activity it’s a great weekend to plan a Chicago wedding so guests can take in the sites whether before your Chicago wedding  ceremony or the next day. It’s a bit more challenging from a Chicago wedding planning perspective, but Big City Bride can help take traffic and crowds into consideration when planning your day.

Lauren and Tom, with Big City Bride, planned a beautiful Chicago wedding at the very unique Chicago wedding venue of the Chicago Symphony Center. Often unavailable because of the Chicago Symphony’s schedule, this Chicago wedding venue is rarely seen and so we’re very excited to share it with you. Benjamin DiCaprio Photography captured this day so beautifully!

Their Chicago wedding ceremony took place at the gorgeous Tiffany Celebration Garden in Chicago’s Grant Park. With views of the Chicago skyline and Buckingham fountain as a garden wedding ceremony backdrop, how could anything be better!?

To follow one unique Chicago wedding venue with another, Lauren and Tom chose the Chicago Symphony Center for their Chicago wedding reception. The gorgeous and detailed architecture of the space created a stunning room with their simple and stunning floral decor. So rarely does this space get filled with the fun of a wedding but for music lovers can you imagine anything better!?

And then a romantic picture in the privacy of the theater….love love love!


Wedding plan anguish as camper van stolen

A COUPLE have been left heartbroken after the beloved camper van they were planning to use on their wedding day was stolen.

Jamie Sharp and Krista Hoey have spent the past two-and-a-half years lovingly restoring and adding personal touches to Poppy, a 1972 maroon VW. Having returned from the Chris Evans car festival in Cheshire on Sunday night, Mr Sharp parked the van on Kensington Road, Redland, outside his garage.

  1. Krista Hoey beside the beloved VW camper van, on which she and fiance Jamie Sharp    spent a lot of  time and money restoring

    Krista Hoey beside the beloved VW camper van, on which she and fiance Jamie Sharp spent a lot of time and money restoring

As there had been a problem with the starter motor that weekend, he went out on Monday morning with the intention of having a look at it, only to find Poppy had gone.

“We went everywhere with her,” said Mr Sharp, 37. “We had made Poppy just how we liked her, inside and out, and would go away any chance we had.

“We’re getting married next spring and we really wanted Poppy to be part of our big day.

“We were hoping to travel to the reception and then take her down to Cornwall for our honeymoon.”

The couple fell in love with VW campers after hiring one for a holiday and decided to buy their own.

They have spent thousands of pounds on Poppy and enjoyed trips all over the UK with their West Highland terrier, Hattie.

Since the theft, Mr Sharp has knocked on numerous doors in the area, scoured online camper van forums and set up a Facebook page in a bid to get Poppy back.

He believes the theft would have taken more than one person, and probably a vehicle to tow the van away.

Mr Sharp added: “Even if the thieves had hot-wired the van they wouldn’t have been able to start it, because the starter motor wasn’t working. I can only assume they tied some rope around the bumper and towed her away.

“We’re both feeling really bad and upset about what’s happened.

“We would love to get Poppy back, not just because of the wedding she is part of the family. If she’s been damaged or taken to pieces by whoever’s done this, it will be such a shame.

“If there’s anything anyone can do to help get her back – someone in Bristol knows what happened to her – we would be immensely grateful.”

Poppy’s registration is PRR 459L.

Emily Maynard & Jef Holm Planning Spring Wedding

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

What cheating rumors?

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are planning a spring wedding despite the fact that the Bachelorette star was recently caught up in a shocking cheating scandal, is reporting.

Emily and her fiance have decided not to have a long engagement and they’re hoping to walk down the aisle next year.

PHOTOS: The Hottest Beach Bodies Of The Bachelor The Bachelorette!

“We’re thinking early Spring 2013,” Jef said about his plans to make Emily his wife.

“We haven’t locked anything down yet, but we just know that’s the time frame we want to do it,” he told Life Style magazine.

As previously reported, Emily has been hoping to stay on television, and she was even in discussions about filming the wedding for a reality show.

PHOTOS: Emily Maynard And Jef Holm Take Their Love To New York City

She’s making sure that her beau likes the dresses, but apparently she doesn’t have to worry.

“It’s been so easy,” Emily said about finding a perfect wedding gown. “I’ll show Jef the ugliest thing in the world, and he’ll be like, ‘Whatever you want, I want.’”

And while she’s not quite at Bridezilla status yet, Emily has been planning her wedding since she was 13 years old!

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Bachelor Reunion Pics

“I have an idea of what the whole thing is going to look like,” she says.

“I’m just glad I found the guy. The rest will come.”



On The Rocks! Emily Maynard Jef Holm ‘Have Already Come Close To Breaking Up’

Emily Maynard Cheating Controversy Grows: Jef Holm’s Brother Says It DID Happen

Bachelorette Emily Maynard Fiance Jef Holm Pack On PDA After Cheating Accusations!

Foxy Fiancee! Bachelorette Emily Maynard Bares Her Bra Under Sheer Shirt