Flipping Out Recap: Jeff Lewis…Wedding Planner?

Last night’s Flipping Out was my big fat Greek disaster when Jenni enlists Jeff to help her plan the events in Chicago.  He does a better job at counting her pennies than picking out place settings.

Jeff Lewis loves pitting Zoila Chavez against Lupe.  He enlists boyfriend Gage Edward to help him drive The Zoila crazy.  It is priceless.  Later Jeff and Jenni Pulos head out to work on a project, and he gets freaked out when she makes eye contact with a homeless guy outside of the car.  The duo meet with Jeanne Shaw, a repeat client whose home they are upgrading.  Jeff is freaking out that Jenni has yet to send out her Save the Dates, so he and Jeanne needle her about her jam packed wedding weekend.  Jeff loves working with Jeanne because he’s often able to convince her to make more changes than she initially planned.  Money isn’t really an object though as Jeanne is married to the lead singer of Styx.


Gage is still peeved with Jeff for purchasing Spring Oak without discussing it with him.  He’s also not super excited to hear that Jeff spent over $13,000 on a rug, but hey, at least it’s not a house.  Jeff takes Andrew, Jenni, and Zoila to Spring Oak where he continues to tease Zoila about Lupe.  He then pulls in Vanina to gang up on Jenni about her giant second wedding.  Jeff isn’t buying for a second that she’s doing this for her fiance. 

Jeanne has quite the potty mouth when she learns that Jeff wants to do a new addition.  He brings in an architect and has Andrew hold her hand while she comes around to the idea of adding square footage.  Her minor punch list has turned into a major renovation.  Back at home, Gage and Jeff tell Zoila that Lupe thinks she’s a b*tch.  Zoila isn’t hearing any of it.  She is the bigger b*tch of the two.  Jeff touts his main hobby as pushing people’s buttons. 

Jeff and Jenni meet Gage at Gramercy where a hit and run driver has taken out a wall.  There is a giant hole in the wall and car parts sprinkled everywhere.  Gage is getting very frustrated with the fact that Jeff isn’t excited about the home anymore.  He feels like Jeff has cast Gramercy aside like an ex-girlfriend, and Jeff does admit to being fickle now that he’s got Spring Oak. 

Jenni and Jeff eat breakfast with Jeff’s sister-in-law Carrie.  Jenni is getting roasted about her wedding plans.  She really needs to get on the ball.  Jenni begs Jeff to come to Chicago with her for a last minute planning trip.  He basically steps in as wedding planner.  Jeff selfishly thinks if he can help Jenni make the last minute big decisions with the wedding then maybe she’ll be better able to focus on her actual job. 

Andrew joins Jenni and Jeff in Chicago to play the role of driver and resident do-boy.  The group starts at the Greek Museum in hopes that it will be the perfect venue for the rehearsal dinner.  Jeff thinks it is insane that Jenni is inviting all of the wedding guests to the rehearsal dinner, and he doesn’t think that the attendees are going to be as enthralled by the interactive museum as Jenni and Andrew seem to be.  Meanwhile, Gage is busting his bum in L.A. to make Gramercy a place that Jeff will want to call home…again. 

Back in Chicago, Andrew is suffering from major road rage.  Jenni’s fiance Jonathan joins the group to tour the reception space.  It is massive.  Jeff is concerned that it will be difficult to make the venue to look full.  The group proceeds to a tasting for the wedding food, and there is a long running dialog between Andrew and Jeff about how many big lamb balls Andrew can fit in his mouth.  Jenni is appalled and the event coordinator is confused.  I am extremely amused.  Jeff railroads the tasting with his likes and dislikes, all of which are contrary to Jenni’s.  Jonathan is smiling, but you can tell he is quickly losing patience for his future wife’s boss.  Jeff keeps referring to it as “his” day.  He knows exactly how to get under Jenni’s skin!

In Los Angeles, Gage steps into the role of driving Zoila crazy.  He is teasing her about her neckline, and she explains she’s wearing a push-up bra in hopes of attracting someone with her bosom while she’s taking out the trash.  I really want to hang out with Gage and Zoila. 

In Chicago, Jonathan’s sister is modeling bridesmaids dresses.  The dress Jenni’s chosen is gorgeous and versatile, but Jeff is worried that it won’t have enough coverage for Zoila.  He suggests that Zoila be covered head-to-toe in fabric with just eye holes cut out so she can see to walk down the aisle.  Andrew takes a turn on the catwalk modeling a short strapless number.  This is clearly not his first time in heels!

At Jeff’s house we get a sneak peek at just how much Zoila works when Lupe is around.  Zoila reminds viewers that Lupe is her assistant and she is in charge.  She is certainly good at supervising, that’s for sure!

The trio of Jeff, Jenni, and Andrew kidnap the wedding planner to go pick out the decor for the reception.  Jeff once again can’t help be heard.  He wants to edit the plan for decorating.  The poor wedding planner looks like he’s going to have a stroke.  He is terrified of Jeff.  I do agree with Jeff that the decor needs to be less cluttered.  Jeff is concerned that Jenni is spending her life’s savings on this wedding, and she is quickly regretting her decision to invite him.  He lectures her to the point where he is irate with Jenni.  Jeff wonders how she’ll be able to buy a home if she’s spending every last cent on one day.  Things are tense between them, but Jenni understands that Jeff is just being protective. 

The group returns home, and Jeff gifts Lupe with a bonus while complimenting Zoila on her salad preparation skills.  They really are such a funny dysfunctional family.  Jeanne tours Gramercy, and when she gets excited about it, some of that thrill seems to rub off on Jeff.  Mission accomplished, Gage!  I think Jeanne needs to be a permanent fixture on the show as well. 

Next week, Jeff butts heads with a new client, and a tearful Andrew feels Jeff’s wrath.


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Emily Maynard & Jef Holm Are Planning A Spring Wedding

Jef Holm Emily Maynard Wedding


‘Bachelorette’ couple Emily Jef have started planning their dream wedding!

Here comes the bride! Emily Maynard and Jef Holm found love on The Bachelorette and now the two are ready to walk down the aisle. So when will the big day take place?
“We’re thinking early spring 2013,” Jef tells Life Style.

Though the couple is still in the early stages of wedding planning, Emily has been fantasizing about her dream wedding long before she even met her fiance!

“I’ve been looking at wedding magazines since I was 13 — just like every other girl,” she admits.

And now that Emily has found her soulmate, all that preparation is finally paying off.

“I have an idea of what the whole thing is going to look like,” she says of her upcoming nuptials. “I’m just glad I found the guy. The rest will come.”

What kind of wedding do YOU think Emily and Jef will have?

[Life Style]

Jennifer Kamm

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How to Plan a Wedding for a Bride and Groom with 400 Children

Not everyone who gets married spends her time dreaming of just the right dress or where her honeymoon will be. My fiancé, Luc Deschamps and I, will be right here in Malawi, Africa, surrounded by family and friends who will come from around the world to celebrate with us when we get married. And most importantly, we will be with our 400 beautiful children from our school, “The Jacaranda School,” for children living with and orphaned by AIDS.

Luc first came to Malawi as a journalist. He immediately understood my passion in helping the children who have lost their families in my village. He knew I had lost most of my own family. From the day he decided to move here, wonders have happened at the school. As our love has grown, so has the Foundation. A school, a physics and science lab, a library, running water and our first college graduates are starting University.

I am sure I am not the only bride who has more important things on their mind than finding a florist, a caterer or the perfect band. There are woman around the world fighting against injustice, working for a woman’s freedoms, doing humanitarian work in war-torn countries or perhaps misplaced and on the move. I am sure they, too, are falling in love, getting married and making a life for themselves without the benefit of a Vera Wang. It doesn’t make it any less wonderful, exciting and special. Love is love. And believe me, I do have a plan!

On my wedding day, I will be wearing a dress designed by our school children. And for the traditional wedding, will wear traditional Malawian dress. Patterned material. Fabric made locally in Malawi. It will be a wrap around the waist, long with a frilly blouse and a traditional headdress. Malawi, Africa has some very special customs. We will have a traditional wedding where everyone in the village is invited, including our village chief. There will be traditional dances and the custom here is to do “Perekani,” translated as “the giving.” Songs will play and people will throw money in any amount to the bride and groom. People come forward to dance to their favorite songs while throwing money. This money is a gift for the bride and groom to help start their lives together. All the children will attend with their guardians and friends and dance and celebrate with us.

As for planning a registry, well, the things we need won’t be found at Bloomingdale’s. If we had a Jacaranda Registry, we would ask for donations through Pay Pal to purchase desks, as we have a shortage, with three children sitting at one desk. We would list school supplies such as pens, pencils, geometry sets, exercise books, calculators, school shoes, sneakers, computers/laptops, musical instruments, art supplies, sewing machines, a dictionary for every secondary school student and nine camera video/photography/flips.

Instead of dresses for bridesmaids, we’ll have school uniforms. Believe me, they will come to much better use than a set of china for 402!

Putting a wedding together is much easier than building an orphanage, so I think we have this one covered! But the two do have a lot in common. Passion, undying love for each other and what this means to our children, honoring those we’ve lost and a commitment to making the most out of the time we have together.

Read all about how we met, how Luc nominated me to be a CNN hero and our full love story on lovepost.com.

Avril Lavigne reveals plans to design her own gown for wedding with Chad …

Daily Mail Reporter

15:58 EST, 11 September 2012


01:54 EST, 12 September 2012

She’s only just announced her engagement but Avril Lavigne is already planning what she’ll wearing on her wedding day – and promises it will be ‘badass’.

The pop star turned designer,  27, is set to marry Chad Kroeger after he popped the question last month.

When asked about plans for her gown at the spring collection of her Abbey Dawn
clothing line last night, she said: ‘Either it’s something I’m going to
design, or partner up with, collaborate with another designer.’

Newly-engaged: Avril Lavigne, at her New York Fashion Week catwalk show yesterday, is engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger

Newly-engaged: Avril Lavigne, at her New York Fashion Week catwalk show yesterday, is engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger 

Future husband: She's eager to exchange vows with the Nickelback front man

Future husband: She’s eager to exchange vows with the Nickelback front man

‘It might be something that I buy a few different dresses and rip them up and put them all together and dye them.’

Of the 37-year-old Nickelback
frontman’s proposal after a whirlwind romance, Lavigne said: ‘It was
really natural, and we met in the studio and were friends for a while,
and one of our last days in the studio was when he proposed, and it was
super romantic and it had a lot of meaning behind it.’

Lavigne was mum on the subject of her ex, Brody Jenner, whose family she remains friendly with.

She used one of his sisters, 15-year-old Kylie Jenner, to open and close her downtown runway show in New York.

In a messy topknot, the teen wore a
tight, white dress adorned with the brand’s initials in black, block
letters. Kylie was also the last to walk, in red, ultra-short shorts
with garters attached and a black leather and lace biker jacket.

Lavigne debuted Abbey Road in 2008
and also sells signature perfumes. Her rocked-out clothes for spring
include human skeletons in black on the front of stretchy, striped
dresses and in white on others.

Lavigne also used skulls in black lace on jackets and at the hems of minis.

Skulls with little neon rainbows were
in another print used for tops, shorts and more mini dresses, matching
pink and purple buns atop the heads of models and the streaks in
Lavigne’s hair.

Attitude: Kylie sticks her tongue out at the end of the catwalk as she flicks rock horns

Attitude: Kylie sticks her tongue out at the end of the catwalk as she flicks rock horns

Clash: A selection of flattering dresses were shown on the catwalk

Clash: A selection of flattering dresses were shown on the catwalk

Clash: A selection of flattering dresses were shown on the catwalk, from a white classic scoop neck to more funky beach dress, all teamed with sky high platforms

Showbiz roundup! Watson nip slip, Pink’s giant knickers and the Duchess dazzles 

The comments below have not been moderated.

copied Skrillex’s hair so nothing original there either…..


London, United Kingdom,
12/9/2012 10:59

i’ll never forget a story i read about her by a popular Kiwi radio DJ who has interviewed many famous stars (much more famous than Avril). She said that Avril had the worst attitude she’d ever encountered. She refused to face Polly while she was being interviewed and was a very horrible and nasty person.


12/9/2012 10:27

I’ve seen all these clothes at Primark. she’s not a designer, she has absolutely no talent left, if she ever had any


surrey, United Kingdom,
12/9/2012 10:22

Such a fake, she´s about as “bad-ass” as a stawberry milkshake.


london, United Kingdom,
12/9/2012 08:35

She needs to grow up. She’s not 14 anymore – stop dressing like it!


12/9/2012 01:05

I believe Avril was misquoted, she meant, “It will be a bad dress!”

Scott Jarrott

Sydney Australia, United Kingdom,
12/9/2012 00:36

Something about this idiot rubs me wrong. It’s as though she’s perpetually 13. And a bratty, frivolous 13, at that.


12/9/2012 00:06

I used to love Avril. Her first two albums were amazing and I used to go to all her gigs but now she irritates the life out of me.


11/9/2012 23:53

Will this woman ever grow up? She still dresses and acts like a 14 year old.


11/9/2012 23:47

I’m not here to bash Avril, I’m really not. Shes probably one of the most charitable and caring celebs out there. But that being said, she seemed more mature before her first wedding than she does now. She’s undoubtedly a beautiful girl I just don’t understand why she masks that under all that ridiculousness. I hope this new found immaturity doesn’t reflect on her upcoming album :/


11/9/2012 23:35

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Questions You Should Ask During Wedding Planning But Maybe Don’t Want to

Sometimes brides and grooms get hung up on politeness as they start the process of selecting their wedding resources. They may think it’s rude to ask some of the below or even awkward trying to negotiate something into their package but in the end, it’s better to know the good and the bad before selecting some of your most important resources. Just remember, a little charm and humor go a long way.

Event Designer
“What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened at a wedding you designed?” I’m not talking about a groom being stood up or a bride running away with the best man. I mean what went wrong with the design, coordination, anything that falls in the event designers realm of pulling off an amazing wedding event. This is kind of like the interview question we all dread when a recruiter asks us “to talk about our weaknesses.” There is a reason this is asked — because you can learn so much from the answer. Of course we are looking for a real example. If someone tells you that all of their weddings have been perfect without a detail out of place, most likely they are lying. There is only so much an event designer has control over especially because they are dependent on other resources — what you want to hear is how they overcame the issue despite of it happening. This actually can be used with all of your wedding resources. And don’t be afraid to dig deeper and ask follow up questions or for more examples.

“Can I see ALL the photos from one or two weddings?” As most photographers tend to showcase their best images, you will be able to better gauge their skills once you see the whole package.

“Do I get a mock up of what the centerpiece will look like?” I think this is a must no matter how big or small the order. Though some florists may have a minimum number of centerpieces you must order before they do a mock up, you may consider having them including this in your package to seal the deal. I think most florists would prefer to book the wedding vs. lose one over a mock up.

Cake Baker
“Can you coordinate with the florist?” “Huh, I just bake cakes?” Wrong answer. Well, it is if you want to use fresh flowers on your cake. Yes this happened to me — and a guest actually helped me add the flowers and it was not at all how I had envisioned the cake, not to mention it felt weird having my guest help when she should be enjoying the party. So make sure if you do want fresh flowers on the cake that you know how they will get there and what it will look like.

Custom Wedding Dress Maker
“What if I gain weight?” Yes it happens — the stress of planning a wedding may have you tipping the scale in the wrong direction. Especially you DIY brides to be, who sometimes take on more than you can chew! Make sure dress seams can be let OUT or in. I write from experience — when I was pouring over details of my big day and planning everything from ceremony to reception, I tended to visit the sugar shack a little too much. At our last fitting I found out that my dress could not be let out and my strapless silk mikado sheath dress may spontaneously pop during the ceremony. It didn’t!

“Can I see a CUT and UNCUT version of your most recent wedding?” Just like your photographer you should see the good, bad and the ugly. By seeing before and after you can assess his cinematography skills — or lack thereof.

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Angelina Jolie chooses helping refugees over wedding planning

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The 2 Most Common Lies Couples Buy Into When Planning Their Wedding

I recently met with a couple to finalize their ceremony. When I asked how they were doing, Meredith, the bride, sighed, “Well, we’re not as happy as when we first met you. We’re just so tired of dealing with people — we want it to be over!”

You don’t need me to tell you that planning a wedding is a wild, wacky emotional roller coaster ride. But here’s the thing about emotions. Emotions can either allow us to react to people and situations in a healthy way OR they can trip us up and cause us to sabotage our relationships and plans.

What we “think” influences what we “feel.”

Emotions that prevent us from acting in a way that is in our own best interest are grounded in some very irrational thoughts — lies — we play so often in our heads that we simply accept them as true, even though they’re not.

There are two common “lies” couples tell themselves while stressing with wedding planning. Buy into them and your emotions quickly get out of whack.

Emotional Lie #1:

Towards the end of Betsy and Marco’s outdoor ceremony, just as I was about to give them a blessing, Betsy’s mother stood up and walked towards me. I was puzzled, but naively thought maybe she was supposed to read a poem and they’d forgotten to tell me. So, I walked over to her. Then, in a voice only I could hear, she uttered these immortal words: Do not pronounce them husband and wife, I have reservations.

Beyond stunned and tapping into my New York-bred instincts, I replied: The only reservation you better have is for dinner! I raced back to the couple and quickly pronounced them husband and wife. Afterwards, I found Betsy and gave her a hug, during which she whispered: I guess I forgot to tell you about my mother. Huh?!

Everyone knew her mother wasn’t happy with the marriage; everyone knew her mother was “unpredictable” and everyone told Betsy not to invite her. And Betsy? Well, she felt she “should” invite her. So, out of guilt, she invited her mother, knowing she most likely would attempt “something.”

The first crazy-making lie that couples play in their heads: There are things you “should” do in your wedding because that’s how things “should” be.

Don’t plan your wedding out of a sense of “should.” Plan it out of a sense of what you and your partner want to do. Be guided by what reflects you as a couple. There’s no reason why you “should” invite someone who has the potential to take your day hostage by selfish whims.

Emotional Lie #2:

Rita and Norman were getting married at a 5-star resort. Rita’s parents were divorced and her father was footing the bill. There was just one catch — if she invited her mother, he wouldn’t pay for the wedding.

While she loved her mother, Rita wanted a fab wedding that would blow people away and now her father was putting her in a hopeless situation. Eventually, she agreed to his terms and didn’t invite her mother. “What can I do? He gave me no choice,” she lamented. Rita, though, did have a choice and she chose to cave in to her father.

Because she wanted her “dream” wedding, she convinced herself she was powerless. Wrong or right, she needed to own that choice and not blame anyone, (of course, she took her frustrations out on hapless Norman).

The second lie that couples play in their heads: When it comes to the essential aspects of their wedding, a couple doesn’t always have a choice.

Sure, there are many aspects to a wedding where it’s just easier to let mom or dad have their way. But when it comes to the fundamentals of the celebration, you and your partner do have choices.

Couples often tell me of the compromises they’ve made so as to “make peace.” That’s fine, so long as you remember that this is your wedding. When you “make peace,” make sure you’re remaining true to you and your partner. Otherwise, you will have no peace!

A shared vision is your wedding planning compass:

• Where are you and your partner willing to compromise?
• Where are you and your partner not willing to compromise?
• Are you on the same page, right now, today?

As a couple, you need to answer these questions before you navigate the emotional minefield of wedding planning. Otherwise, you’ll be held captive by all the things you think you “should” do and will convince yourself that you are powerless.

Reject these two common lies and you’ll stay sane throughout your planning!

Courtney Robertson Dishes on Wedding Plans: Ben and I Will Have a 300 …

Courtney Robertson and her wine-loving future hubby, Ben Flajnik, are the cutest couple to come out of The Bachelor, and we can’t wait for them to tie the knot! These two have been engaged since the finale of Ben’s season (when he got down on one knee and popped the question), and it looks like they’re finally ready to make it official.

Unlike The Bachelorette‘s power couple Jef Holm and Emily Maynard (who want a small wedding), Ben and Courtney’s off-white nuptials will be enormous. “I thought it would be about 200 people,” Courtney tells Celebuzz at the In Touch Idols and Icons MTV VMA After Party on September 7th, “but now it’s looking more like 300. Oh my goodness, that’s a lot!”

Ben has a “lot of friends” who want to get in on the action (this is what happens when you hang out in a vineyard all day, apparently), but these eager beavers will have to hold their horses. After all, the planning stages have only just begun!  “We’re not far along at all,” Courtney says, adding, “We’re enjoying things the way they are now.”

We can’t wait for this happy couple to say “I do,” but the real question? Will they serve white or red at the wedding?

Source: Celebuzz

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Get your partner involved in the wedding planning

I’m sure I don’t need to conjure up a pop culture reference for you to picture the stereotypical couple planning their wedding. The bride goes crazy trying to organize everything down to the color of the linens and the perfect placesetting, while the groom sits back and worries about nothing. Occasionally, the groom will groan about the bride’s new tendencies toward obsessive compulsiveness, while the bride wrings her hands in frustration at the groom’s lack of interest in what’s supposed to be the “absolute most perfect day ever.”

I hate stereotypes. But in this case, the origin is easy to pinpoint. From the time women are little girls, they are taught to think about, dream about, “make pretend” of their wedding day. They play “wedding” in preschool and tote around wedding belle Barbies. I bet most of our female readers even used the arm chair cover of a couch as a makeshift veil once or twice in their childhood. Most men aren’t socialized to care about “the big day” in quite the same manner. But unlike the stereotyped relationship I describe, most couples’ issues stem from three major scenarios. Sure they may seem like the stereotype to begin with, but beneath the surface they’re more complicated. Today, I want to discuss those three issues and give you some suggestions on how to handle them.

“My partner is doing nothing to help with the wedding. All the work is falling on me.”

I don’t want to jump the gun and say it’s always women who express this statement, but with my experience, it mostly is. If you’re frustrated with your partner’s apparent disinterest, instead of accusing him or her of being lazy, talk to him or her about it. You might find (such as the case with my own wedding), your vision for the “perfect day” put you into automatic. Your partner may not know how to help or may be nervous he or she will do the wrong thing. Once you talk it over, try delegating the work. If you like control, this will be a hard step for you. Make a list of things that need to get done and divide them up between you and your partner. If your partner has no interest in picking out flower arrangements or deciding on wedding cake flavors, give your partner other tasks like reviewing contracts, calling to confirm details, or checking up on unanswered RSVPs.

“My partner and I have completely different tastes and I haven’t gotten a say in anything so far.”

This is one I hear men say more often than women. And my response has always been the same: weddings are more of a compromise than marriage. The couple not only needs to compromise with each other, but they need to compromise with their friends, their family, and even their vendors. Once you’re done compromising with all the exterior factors, it’s really hard to want to compromise with the person you’re about to marry. Especially if you’re the type that needs everything to be perfect and in order. In this case, I suggest talking to each other about ways in which you can incorporate a little of both of you. For example, my partner would have loved a football-themed wedding, but I wasn’t having it. I, on the other hand, wanted jewel-toned colors inspired by peacocks. After a little lovers’ quarrel, we came to our compromise. My partner got to pick the colors (same as his football team, of course), but I got to pick the shades of the colors. (After all, I didn’t want my wedding to look like a pep rally.) If you two can’t agree on something, find ways to express both of you separately.

“The details just don’t seem to matter to my partner. I ask his/her opinion, and the response is always whatever you want honey.”

I know this will be surprising, but again, the first thing you have to do is talk to each other without fighting. Maybe the details really don’t matter to your partner. Some people are just that easy going. It doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t care about getting married, just that the specifics of the wedding aren’t terribly high on his or her priority list. It’s also possible that your partner, like in the scenario above, doesn’t feel like he or she has a real say in the matter anyway. Whenever I get on my partner’s case about “not caring,” he reminds me of the times I asked his opinion, but did it my way anyway. Generally, if you’re dealing with this scenario, the fix will be the same as one of the two above: delegate or compromise.

The bottom line is weddings are stressful and can often cause a strain on your relationship. Generally, the strain comes from a disconnect between your expectations and reality. When all else fails, always remember that your wedding is just one day of your life. And ultimately, the day should reflect the two of you coming together.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Wedding Planner: “It Was a Truly Beautiful …

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds WeddingAP Photo

While Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds‘ Sunday nuptials might have been a surprise to everyone outside their inner circle, it was everything the couple dreamed it would be, according to the woman who made it happen: wedding planner Tara Guérard.

Speaking exclusively to E! News, Guérard offered an inside peek at the fairy-tale ceremony that took place at Boone Hall Plantation just outside of Charleston, S.C.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively get married in secret ceremony!

“Ryan and Blake wanted the event to look and feel like home,” Guerard told E! News. “With décor and live music, we all created the charm, elegance and magic of times passed.”

The bride and bridesmaids wore bespoke Marchesa gowns with custom-made Louboutin shoes. The groom and groomsmen wore handcrafted Burberry suits. And they sealed the deal with wedding rings by Lorraine Schwartz. Florence Welch provided music at the landmark location. (Meanwhile, a rep for Bette Midler denied to E! News earlier reports that the entertainer also was in attendance and performed for the couple.)

Guérard, who worked previously for Martha Stewart and appeared on the domestic doyenne’s program, The Martha Stewart Show, is an expert in entertaining and southern style having been chosen by Modern Bride magazine as a Top 25 Trendsetter in 2005. In fact, the Lively-Reynolds affair will be featured in an upcoming cover story in Martha Stewart Weddings.

“It was truly a beautiful evening and celebration,” adds Guérard, who runs Tara Guérard Soirée, a full-service planning and design company headquartered in the historic area of Charleston. She is also the author of Southern Weddings: New Looks from the Old South in 2007 and Weddings by Tara Guérard in 2010.

Inside Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ wedding

In preparation for Blake and Ryan’s walk down the aisle, Guérard took the twosome around town scouting locations in June.

And they picked a good one, all right.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds—timeline to a top-secret marriage

In recent years, Charleston has become a popular destination for weddings, thanks in part to serving as the shooting locale for Nicholas SparksThe Notebook.

So far, neither bride nor groom has officially commented on their matrimonial maneuvers, but we forgive them. After all, they’re both busy basking in the newlywed glow.

Meanwhile, a source tells E! News that Lively and Reynolds are soaking up the South Carolina scenery and have yet to depart on any sort of honeymoon, but that they do plan on taking one this week.

—Additional reporting by Ken Baker

Take a look back at Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds’ whirlwind romance