‘My Fair Wedding’: ‘Shabby Chic Wedding’ Recap

The new “My Fair Wedding” couple is Candice Marie and her soon to be husband, Ken. They live in Simi Valley in sunny California and are made for each other. She’s a fitness trainer and he loves to work out in the gym. He takes care of her and she’s bubbly and sexy says Ken. The perfect happy couple.

Their wedding is coming up and Candice Marie wants one with a “shabby chic” theme and who could create this kind of affair but David Tutera. As soon as she sees David, she breaks down in tears. Candice Marie said her heart dropped to the floor when he first arrived.

One way to describe shabby chic is to think of comfort and the home. Candice Marie and Ken are both doing what they can to achieve this feeling. Ken found an old chandelier, painted it white and decorated it with crystals and it’s hanging in his garage. David loves it.

Candice Marie has a table full of shabby chic items: lots of little chandeliers and other objects that scream “home.” But there’s one very important thing on the table, a picture of Candice Marie’s mother. When Candice Marie was four years old, her mother was murdered and she needs to have her mother at the wedding somehow. David is practically in tears along with his bride.

But first things first, David has to see the dresses. The bridesmaids are up first modeling their gowns except their dresses aren’t gowns. Candice Marie’s sister, who is the maid of honor, would like to have a long dress. David doesn’t care much for their dresses either so there will be a change.

Then Candice Marie modeled her wedding gown for David. “It’s a mess,” he said as he looked at the gown which was too loose is some places, too tight in others, and too short at other places. The bride admits that she ordered the gown online and the dress isn’t “poofy” enough for her. David turns to the cameras and tells all his brides to be to never, ever, order a wedding dress online. This gown has got to go.

David and his bride go to where the ceremony and celebration will be held. A friend of the family has offered Candice Marie and Ken the use of their huge home that has plenty of room and is big enough for all 130 guests to sit down and eat and to dance the night away. The grounds are stunning and David is very happy with it.

Now for the fun part; picking out the new wedding gown. They go into the shop and who’s there to help choose the gown but Candice Marie’s sister and her “mother.” The mother is really Candice Marie’s aunt, her real mother’s sister. When the bride’s mom was murdered, their grandmother took in Candice Marie and her sister where they lived with their mom’s sister too. When their aunt got old enough to move out she took her sister’s two little girls with her and brought them up as her own. It’s a very touching story of love within a family.

Back to the wedding gown, the bride to be is given a choice of three gowns. Candice Marie loves the one that brought her to tears; it has a sweet heart neckline, made of satin and has bows on it. The dress is form-fitting and the bride didn’t want to take it off.

Then the bridesmaids got to choose a new gown for the wedding. It looks like their favorite is a gown that is kind of like a dark purple that has a fun attitude to it.

Candice Marie and Ken have been thinking about the wedding far too much for David’s liking so he took the “My Fair Wedding” couple up to the mountains to do some zip lining. Did anyone ask the bride if she was afraid of heights? She’s terrified but knows that she’ll be safe with David and Ken, she hopes.

The three rode the zip line down the mountain; and even though Candice Marie screams some, she’s having a wonderful time. This was a great way to get her mind off her wedding day. But before she knows it, the wedding day has finally arrived.

The bride, the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids all ended up with the dresses they liked best. David always makes sure that his girls are happy. The ladies are also given beautiful jewelry to wear for this special occasion. They’re all smiles.

When Candice Marie comes out wearing her new gown, David said, “You can be on the cover of a magazine.”

The wedding is spectacular with a beautiful setting and synchronized swimmers in the pool.

At the end of this episode of “My Fair Wedding,” Candice Marie and Ken present David with a painting they had made just for him. The picture is entitled, “Girl’s Best Friend.” That is exactly who David is, a girl’s best friend.

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